SAMUEL JACKSON Pulls a “Gator,” Snaps at Popular TV Anchor


images (15)  It used to be (and the fact still remains): “You can say what you want, but spell my name right!”

images (30) Well, here’s another warning: “You can interview who you want, but know my name right!”

Live television is tricky, and something all of television media in-studio, on stage, and behind stage will forever fear because you never know what will happen in front of the camera with human beings no different than you being able to predict what can happen with kids, newborns and animals—the fact still remains: Even with people-human beings; you just don’t know what will happen when that “On Air” button lights up red.

on air

Until: “Cut” is yelled and the segment is over, it’s not uncommon to see people in studio, behind stage: stiff, left arm folder across breast, hand left under right arm, right arm up with right index finger on mouth busy chewing on ones own lips!

images (29)  In one of the most cringe-worthy live television interviews documented, actor Samuel L. Jackson sat down with news station KTLA’s well-known L.A television anchor: images (25)  Sam Rubin who mistook the [well-known, consistently working, Hollywood actor] for another: [well-known, consistently working, Hollywood black actor named] Laurence Fishburne. And well…wha’da’ya’know: images (31) In a classic character style reminiscent of one of Jackson’s old character personalities: “Gator” (Jungle Fever) Samuel L. Jackson kirked out on the poor dude………….on air.


Immediately…all I could see was “Gator.”

At any rate.

While sitting with the news anchor  [there to talk about his new movie]: “RoboCop,” I’m guessing Rubin thought it’d be natural and makes it seem like he was a true fan of Jackson’s body of work by starting in as a segue; small talk about some other body of work.

images (10)     Well, that didn’t work out to well when the anchor selected the wrong actor to talk about something [that otherwise, would have been] pretty much festive and timely: His Super Bowl commercial.

Had Samuel L. Jackson been the actor in that Kia Super Bowl commercial

images (26)  …all would gone over fine.

images (20) But there was a problem with that: The actor that Rubin, the news anchor was thinking of, and whose commercial it actually was, is non-other than Laurence Fishburne, whose character in the commercial was his character (“Morpheus”) from the movie “The Matrix,” as a we all know, Samuel L. Jackson sure as hell did not play “Morpheus” [in the well-known movie]: “The Matrix.”

images (28)  Needless to say, Samuel L. Jackson went cleeeean off on the news anchor who perked up , looked to the right of (what was most probably the camera crew, key grip, and in studio workers) wishing he could be saved from this live, on air faux pas [quickly filed in the Other Side of the Fame’s “Faux Pas” category].

download (19)  Although it ended up being tongue and cheek interview [about “RoboCop that never happened], it was hilarious how, if you know of Samuel L. Jackson as “Gator” from “Jungle Fever,” he sounded JUST like “Gator” (while for the duration of the interview, he continued to talk over the news anchor who apologized and desperately tried to jump back on track + diffuse the situation to no avail).

Well, found this out by the last 10 seconds or so in the interview: Samuel L. Jackson is going to be starring in a movie coming out called: “RoboCop.”


 Source: TMZ

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