SAL from the D’s 50lb “Divorce Diet” From SHERRI SHEPHERD Who Officially Filed for Divorce After His Legal Separation

images (3)I’m thinking that when Sherri Shepherd was in the middle of married bliss when she wrote “Plan D” (a book about dieting, nutrition and losing weight for diabetics) she hardly thought the D would eventually mean something altogether different for her (now) estranged husband Sal from the D. According to reports (since we first told you about his initiating filing for a separation), Sherrie has since then done him one better: she filed for an actual divorce on Monday, May 12.

Divorce is tough, not-to-so good news and something nobody really wants to go through. It typically doesn’t happen in bliss and with glee, but let Sal from the D tell it, one would think Sherri’s book “Plan D” did things for him over the book’s intention. Sources say Sal is bragging about having lost 50 pounds on what he refers to as the “Divorce Diet.”

sal_sherri He told People Magazine that he “lost 50 freakin’ pounds” during separation from Sherri and stated: “Use the slim picture, not the fat one from six months ago. I’m on the divorce diet.”

Sal from the D declined to comment further on his divorce from Sherri but did want to add that he was “happy to be a father” (of the child yet to be born).

As we reported in initial story about this, he has this thing all mapped out. Having hired the same lawyer who represented Kevin Federline in his divorce from popstar Britney Spears, he intends on gaining full legal and physical custody of the baby due born to the surrogate on July 28, after which-permit Sherri “reasonable” visitation rights [while challenging the prenup rendering it “invalid on grounds of fraud”].

sherri-shepherd Already having met the criterion on the details of the divorce prenup to grant him a $60,000 payday if married 2-5 years and according to sources, although he only earned $30,000 last year ($9,000 of it unemployment compensation); he still feels pretty confident that the prenup will be challenged successfully on grounds of fraud, and his seeking custody of the unborn child will be granted.

SherrieWed_May14OntheView This past Wednesday, Sherri flaunted a ringless finger on the set of ABC’s “The View” and although typically more vocal (teetering on TMI sometimes about her personal life online and on set), Sherri has been surprisingly mum on this situation.

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