Actor BEN AFFLECK Caught in Sad Face Emotional Distance At #BatmanvSuperman Reviews

Ben Affleck“Where in the hell is it ever funny to laugh at someone’s sadness?!” I yelled aloud when I saw the word ‘hilarious’ used to describe Ben Affleck’s reaction to bad/mixed reviews of Batman Vs Superman.

A reaction video for you was certainly an order (had I known the editing of the 1:06 minute video was going to be so genius). I swear I laughed ‘til my back started hurting.

Just like it’s millennial matrix new (and helps us pass time and entertains us) to like watching people throw themselves into daily, incessant, learned/acquired narcissism and rarely (if ever) do we react by offering our real and true thoughts or advice about it.

The word: “reaction” is the media millennial matrix moniker when telling the world about something we all waited/are waiting for (when something’s said or done to publicly humiliate someone) and reacting is something actor Ben Affleck certainly did (although his feelings worn all over his face was certainly not acting at all).

Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill Batman v SupermanAlthough (minus the genius music and editing of the video) when the interviewer mentioned the bad/mixed reviews (unless you’re just cruel and devoid of empathy) it hardly wouldn’t have been funny watching Ben Affleck’s sad face.

But (given the music and editing) it was sssssssssssssomething about that choice of song and slow zoom in (and Henry Cavill‘s spiel’s being zoomed out) that took you rrrrrrrrright into the Gone Girl actor’s emotional space and experience in that moment—but for some reason, [it]made you have the biggest belly laugh ever.


I felt so bad but it really was “hilarious.”

Some people are just super-genius with the stuff they do.

Tap in:

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If you follow or know me, you know I’m certainly going to be partial to Batman v. Superman because you know I love Superman, so without having seen the movie as yet, it gets cool points going in, for me!

At any rate, here’s the actual

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