Rock-Soul Legend TINA TUNER Rumored to Have Suffered a Stroke, OPRAH WINFREY Dispels

The rumor mill was abuzz when (via gossip site: Hollywood Street King) word leaked out that Rock Soul Legend: Tina Turner, recently suffered a stroke at her home in Zurich, Switzerland and since then, was under a nurse’s care.

article-2560243-1B86A59600000578-381_634x812 Oprah Winfrey, close friend of the singer, took to her official
Twitter page on Friday, February 14, to deny the report surfacing regarding Turner’s health.

article-2560243-1B86A49200000578-508_634x862  …Winfrey’s birthday was January 29 by the way. She has been long-time friends with the singer whose July 2013 2673920  wedding [to record exec and 27-year boyfriend: Erwin Bach].

Around that same time she attended the wedding she made headlines where it was reported that she believed she had a racist encounter while out shopping. Shortly thereafter, (via Twitter) she posted: “Turns out that store clerk did me a favor. Just found out that bag was $38k!!! She was right, I was NOT going to buy it!”

Tina  The “Proud Mary” singing powerhouse who officially retired from performing in 2009, has been a long-time Zurich, Switzerland resident since 1995 and relinquished her U. S Citizenship just this past November [2013] and on October 24, had reportedly signed her ”Statement of Voluntary Relinquishment” under Section 349 (a)(1) of the INA (Immigration and Naturalization Act).

article-2560243-1B86A4CC00000578-515_634x917 Although the singer is retired from performing, she did release a compilation album of her hit songs during her successful career titled: “Love Songs,” an 18-track collection includes some of Tina Turner’s biggest hits including: “What’s Love Got to Do with It,” “Private Dancer,” and [Simply] “The Best.”

For the record and F.Y.I Tina Turner is fluent in German and although having lived in Switzerland for nearly two decades now; on April 10, 2013 she had taken the oath of Swiss nationality and according to the report-declared she no longer has any ties to the United States (except for family) but has no plans to reside in the United States in the near future.

Tina Turner, whose birth name is Anna Mae Bullock, had an abusive relationship and 14-year marriage to Ike Turner whom she later divorced in 1976 with whom she recorded Jessie Hill’s classic: “Ooh Poo Pah Doo” and John Fogerty’s “Proud Mary”

The popular movie biopic “What Love’s Got to Do With It,” was based from the true story from the chapters of her tumultuous life with the infamous Ike Turner (played by Laurence Fishburne). 

F.Y.Entertainment: A clip from the movie and as well, an interview Ike Turner did with talk show host Arsenio Hall (during Hall’s first successful crack at being a talk show host in the early 90’s). The show itself was “crack” but after so many years, Hall walked away from it. Nevertheless, it’s 2014 and he’s back. Speaking of “crack” go on and take a look at this smoke Ike Turner is blowing to Arsenio in the interview

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