Rock Out With His C__k Out: LENNY KRAVITZ Suffers Wardrobe Malfunction in Stockholm

Lenny Kravitz.


He sings it in one of several of my favorites by him, in his own words:

Oh. Oh. Oh. I want to get away. I want to get away. I want to fly away. YeahhhYeahhYeah….”

The business below did just that-however, it didn’t get away from the watchful eyes of the world.

“It was insane, I killed myself laughing. And then I called my mum who was there at the show as well. Her reaction was the same and she almost killed herself laughing too.”

If I should say so myself in the most modestly objectifying way possible: It’s about time a man suffered a wardrobe malfunction—considering we’ve lost count of about how many women have suffered and come apart at the seams on the scene-seen.

While singing (another one of my many Kravitz faves: “American Woman”) on stage in Gröna Lund in Stockholm, Sweden on yesterday, Lenny literally did what the bros only say in conversation: “Rock out wit my c__k out.”proxy (1)

Kravitz took his crevasses to another level on that—literally.

Although unintentionally, the rockstar copped a squad while ripping at the strings of his bass guitar and ♫ out come the sun and showed up all the drain[er] and his itsy bitsy spider come out his leath-er-pants. ♫

Hey. The game don’t stop ‘cause a player get c__ked.

A short time after, Kravitz came out wearing another pair of trousers and simply said: “Sorry. I ripped my trousers.”

Tap in below to see the business below:


Lenny is SUCH a fuggin rockstar dammit!

So kiss……..the back of my Lenny’s wardrobe malfunction area.

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