ROBIN THICKE: On the Road Again?

I tell ya.

pp_rt If it’s anything I love, and that I can, and will sit in audience of, or will give audience to-is love—true love-real love between two people who really love one another.

Yesterday morning we posted a story/write-up at Other Side of the Fame which sometimes, and unlike a typical/usual “blog” story (where we tell/re-tell something having happened in popular culture, claps our hands, wipe ‘em and we’re done); sometimes, what may have started out as a “blog” (for me writing it), may end up being a write-up: an article or even a short story…(I can’t help it, I write books remember? And sometimes-unplanned-I am forced to just write-tell the story that starts with a premise, and conclude with a remedy perhaps).

download___ Although I never “plan” it, it’s just that even in the midst of me writing about celebritydom and the world of entertainment F.Y.Entertainment, naturally, I can’t compromise who I am, and what I’m about-and just–set it aside to take on, and give you the life of other people. So sometimes, even in the middle of that (if I have an opinion, a slant or something to add, or shed light on); who I am, what I champion (or not), and what I’m about will show up mid-blog or write-up. I just can’t help it. But I have to look at it as something that’s my own little unplanned niche as a blogger. I’m a writer, and an intimacist who just happens to blog popular culture.

So with me here (at Other Side of the Fame) you’re just “gon’ get this work”–especially if I feel it can help somebody-provoke, or inspire thought, consideration (or re-consideration).

            univconn Spiritually speaking, all this + you + me are sort of like the universe-a connection.

matrix_connection We all are connected to some small or great degree (positive of otherwise).

It’s levels to all this.

lights The psychology of it all is-you live in Western civilization America, therefore whether you like to admit it or not, you are programmed.  pagentry To some small or great degree, you live your love, dreams, ideals, ideologies, images_ _ and life vicariously through these SAME celebrities that I write about: images_________ Their shame and their fame alike-no matter how, when, or where you point the finger. 

download_ And like most, whether admitted or not, everybody tries to work something out for themselves through celebritydom (consciously or subconsciously. Brazenly or inadvertently). 

star So if I have to reach you through them, and hopefully, through what IS real…know that I’m here for that-and that I’m for, and ABOUT that (and joyfully give audience to that). And will bring it to you.

vicarious living Although in being a writer who blogs about entertainment and popular culture; giving the G’s or going along with protocol (or even publicity stunts) is just…the name of the game: It’s showbiz. It’s entertainment. But sometimes, even in entertainment, real life can get caught up in that, and where I can, when I can [and only “IF the spirit moves me, I let it groove me. I let my love come down. ‘Cause I believe in love-let’s get it on”]

…and poppin’ in pop culture…

I then approach it in a way outside of just blogging/telling/re-telling a story.

This (like quite a few write-ups on my site) was one of those times.


At any rate.

paulapatton Good news perhaps. Just to update you, since our write-up yesterday on the Thicke’s…Our sources got word out about our guy Robin Thicke who had this to say about the outpour of support he’s received from his fans during this time:


thickes Well, for me personally (someone who champions a good love story and even better, a positive outcome where real/true love is concerned), I’m hoping Thicke’s message and the fact that he confirmed his going back out/resuming his tour, as well, means that all is well between the long-time couple! Let’s cross our fingers, hope for the best and wish them well!


Don’t you just loooooooooove it when (especially a man) who by nature, at some point in his life of love, may have a good thing at home and because of hoopla, illusion (and temporary insanity) may step out…only for the sun to come out and make him see/know what he’ll be missing–and by comparison…decide if it’s worth it in the end, or at the end of the day (or nights)…?

As a writer of not just fiction, I love the relationship dichotomy and dynamics (I’ve written, and am writing a book on it) and what I find is a question (that although we typically ask ourselves this question when it’s either too late or at the end), it, in my opinion, really can and should be asked beforehand, or before the impulse, (or plan). That question is this: “In the end, is it worth it?”

Sometimes, when we ask ourselves that question in the beginning, you’ll be surprised how much it will force us to think, re-think, (or re-consider).

Regardless the situation, that question can save us all, and save us a whole lot of trouble ahead of time (I think. And feel).

What say you? 


Then pray you.

Hope you.

Stay you.

vicarious livingII  StayTuned 🙂


Source: US Weekly

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