RITA ORA To Model in Adidas’ November “Lookbook” Premiering Her Sneaker & Warm-Up Suit Collections



Adidas Originals’ first female collaborator, singer Rita Ora is unveiling two new collabos with the Adidas brand. Straight off the heels of her “Black” and “Pastel” collection, the new digs are called “Spray” and “Roses.”

Check out the photos of Adidas’ Lookbook that Rita and another model-modeling the “Spray” and “Roses” collection:


The Adidas Lookbook, in its entirety, will drop on November 1.

For Adidas’ Fall/Winter collection, as well, Rita also launched a dope sneaker (called “Faded Metal”) that looks perfect with her “Sprayed” collection!

Check out the dopeness in all of its splendor why don’t you:

That “Sprayed” collection is BEGGING for a napsack that I’d love to create for ’em!

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