RILEY CURRY Takes Over Her Own Show: Does Adorable Birthday Dance!

It was just days ago Riley Curry was gracious enough a big sister to share her world with her new baby sis having been brought into the world just days before Riley, herself, graced the world with her presence three years ago: July 19.

Ryan Curry_StephenAyeshaRiley Curry


Although baby sister Ryan was expected and due to meet Riley on July 19 as well, she readied us all a little earlier—and put us all on notice that she most probably too, was going to be just as (if not-more) precocious as big sis Riley (by whom she welcomed with excited, open arms on July 10, 2015).



July 19 is upon us and Riley Curry took it over from here-showing baby sis (and the world) that it’s still her world and still—we all are just living it.



Watch Riley Curry dance to “Watch Me Nae Nae” on her birthday-today:


Not that Riley Curry does anything timidly and cautiously-she’s shown us that she’s got it all

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