RIHANNA’s Current Situation: Shooting New (Mystery) Video + Rumor Has It That (On the Low) RIHANNA’s Got Bad Blood (Or Plasma Perhaps), For TAYLOR SWIFT – Is This The Diss?






What this video is about-we have no idea.

Rumors are swirling however, that Rihanna has had Taylor Swift in her eye and a clap-back on the back burner for her considering Taylor publicly speaking about her distaste for “oversexualized” female artists.

Well it’s like the saying goes: you’re only what you answer to and either Rihanna felt the swipe was about her accurately so, (or considering one can count on their hands who else in pop Taylor could have been talking about) perhaps Rihanna broke it down to that being the common denominator.

Either way some video is being made-that much is true.

Song: unknown.

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