RIHANNA Scores DIOR: First Black Woman in Its Campaign + Chateaude Versailles Video Series

1740888_431499500336206_967122885_nOk so, this new deal was necessary as, seeing (and our blog-dropping) Rihanna on covers of magazines was……(I’ll be the first to admit it) was sorta….. getting……….redundant basically, I know-right? It’s like. We KNOW Rihanna does covers like NOBODY does or can.

Just like nobody does this blog thing like OSF okay? We sometimes use all mental, emotional, spiritual and creative devices and faculties we have–like..the most recent Rihanna cover drop-all pics…I mean, we had to be totally I had to be creative.

Doing so involved spicing up her being on the cover [of Harper’s Bazaar China] with ambiance and “feel” of China by first changing the blog title header to include “Shanghai spread.” From there, we set your viewing the hot fashion spread to music befitting the pics.

Yeah, *thumbs up*

*wipes sweat from forehead and flour from my nose*

OSF’s brands a niche and does things different and differently around these parts guys-so we gotta represent when we present ya know.

Ok so, well…here Rih go again?


*Deep sigh*

*Drops shoulders*

Anoooooooother cover. (Another “Rihanna” cover,that is).

*blows bangs*

But wait!

This stands alone and comes with all the bells and whistles and missiles!!!!!!!!!!!!

In addition to Christian Dior’s spring print campaign, Rihanna will star in the fourth epi of Dior’s “Secret Garden” video series (filmed by Steven Klein) at the actual Palace of Versailles Chateaude Versailles (you know, the dainty/damsel-like video series with the models running around like lost maidens dressed in Dior gowns around the palace of Versailles). Well…entre vous, mademoiselle: Rihanna (merci beaucoup)



Via Versailles, she will be in the next one of these:

That’s not all regarding this step-up of a feat on something new Rihgarding a Rihanna cover.

This also remarks the very first time a black woman has ever appeared in/for the French brand.

Here are some other times Rihanna has adorned herself in Christian Dior. She’s earned her feat, eh? Check her OUT:

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