Riding in: Sex Tape of LARK VOORHIES & Ex Jimmy Green Scheduled To Drop Today


Voorhies_GreenToday is D-day: Dream come true–for all the boys turned men who were fans Lark Voorhies a.k.a Lisa Turtle, of 90s sitcom star Saved By The Bell as, December 14 is said to be the drop date of a series of stills and scenes “every few hours” showing the fallen star in compromising positions with her (now) ex husband, Jimmy Green.

Hark! Lark, the herald angle sing as, for the past couple months now, stories leaking about Lark’s mom’s intervention being successful came to roost: the short lived marriage to Voorhies’ California gangster boyfriend she met on Facebook met its demise as mom hoped.

This was followed by a series of online alleged disses said to have been authored by Lark about the ex, claiming everything from his being a bum to the former Taco Bell worker’s penis smelling like corn chips. That was redacted followed by Voorhies claiming her account was hacked while to, telling (those who were in attendance of this mess) she was suffering from Lupus.images (9)
For some (odd) reason, even that claim (having some directly from Lark) was disputed and put out there by Lark’s “team”–that Lark doesn’t suffer from the auto immune disease.

Fast forward.

Although back in October, Lark disputed that such sex tape even existed and, according to our friends at People, if it did, it was done without her permission or consent.

images (8)

“There were irreconcilable differences that we could not overcome. I wish him the best and look forward to moving on with my life. As far as a sex tape I am not aware of nor have I consented to any sex tape or nude recordings.”

Green told Radar Online, and TMZ however, Voorhies was indeed in the know about the tape and the “XXX-rated” video was even recorded on her phone.images (10)

“There is one and it’s XXX-rated. Anybody who sees it would be surprised. Ain’t nobody seen Lark like that! We don’t do nothin’ regular. The tape shows everything. I asked her before I did it. She knew about it, and I even used her phone. That’s why she didn’t deny it exists. That was something just for us. But if somebody offered me $2 million I’d probably have to consider it!”

Well obviously with the rumor floating out there that such tape existed, no offers came busting down Green and Voorhies’ door so, the next best low thing to do was

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