RICK ROSS Kicking A$$ & Taking Names: Life Imitating Art, Vice Versa…or Vice or Virtue?

“I think I’m Big Meech.

Larry Hoover.

Whipping work.


One Nation.

Under God.

Real n!gga’s getting money from the fu(k!ng start”

Understanding he’wha’en playin’ when he said that in the song “Blowin’ Money Fast” (featuring rapper, The Lox’s: Styles P) okay?

Neither Rick Ross playing when other motherfu(kers are getting in his way trying to cramp, and take his style or make money from him the “free” way.

rickrosshome  Well it seems our guy Rick Ross has been taking care of business to make sure his 2014 started off with a bang before buying the foreclosed mansion once belonging to boxing legend: Evander Holyfield.

rickrosssummerjam  Before it (2014) began, rapper Rick Ross (born: Leonard Roberts) started the New Year in by kicking a$$ and taking names (literally)…having finally won a lawsuit filed by former drug kingpin: Freeway Ricky Ross-in a case that had been ongoing since 2010.

freeway-ricky-ross (Ricky Ross spent thirteen yeas behind bars for his part in a lucrative and successful cocaine empire in the 80’s and 90’s and was released from jail in 2009 by the way, and although the case was appealed to a higher court, the appeal/suit was as ruled “untimely” since [the real] Ross knew of rapper Rick Ross’ stage name since 2006.

California Appeals court Judge Roger Boren sided with rapper Rick Ross-affirm Roberts’ constitutional right to freed speech and free expression. The judge states that although his rap persona was influenced by Ross (the drug dealer), “they are not the very sum and substance of Roberts’ work” via courtroom rhetoric as follows (quote):

He was not simply an impostor seeking to profit solely off the name and reputation of Rick Ross. Rather, he made music out of fictional tales of dealing drugs and other exploits –some of which related to plaintiff. Using the name and certain details of an infamous criminal’s life as basic elements, he created original artistic works” (unquote).

So y’all can laugh and make jokes of rapper’s Rick Ross’ past at having been a corrections officer, but I assure you: he did his homework, new his rights and too, most probably was given the benefit of the doubt along (because of that) + had proof (rather than on the streets) but instead: on wax.

rick_ross_p_2013 So he whipped that work.


(With liberty and justice)…      

…But his rhyme aint done, because the party’s not over.

lmfao  After having (literally) kicked a$$ and taken name, rapper Rick Ross is doing anything but laughing his a$$ off at the pop group: “LMFAO” who obviously laughed their asses off after having been hit with a copyright infringement lawsuit by Ross and that sources say went ignored.

Joining rapper Rick Ross in the suit is Jermaine “Mayne Zayne” Jackson producer from a group called “The Runners,” who together with Ross, is suing for LMFAO’s popular song: “Party Rock Anthem” where, in a short break in the song, the guys from LMFAO stop and chants: “Everyday I’m Shuffle-lin.” Ross claim states the use of the line infringes upon his song: “Hustlin” where he raps (in a repeated line throughout the track: “Everyday I’m Hussle-lin,” and because it was so apparent (even in LMFAO’s quick use of the short line), it still constitutes inter alia: “The creation of an unauthorized derivative of the work.”

According to the additional details of the lawsuit, Ross claims that the line in the phrase also enabled to group to make millions off of their phrase (inspired by Ross’ version) in the form of not only records, but use of the song on tv shows, commercials, video games, and even a successful clothing line with the phrase written on all the merchandise.

Although last we heard, that lawsuit’s claim had gone ignored, but Ross’ 2014 is looking nothing less than a high-roller’s lifestyle [like that of kingpin Freeway Ricky Ross’].

evander It’s being reported that Rick Ross started off his New Year in style with a purchase of former boxing champ: Evander Holyfield’s vacated and foreclosed mansion (2012) located on the outskirts of Atlanta, Georgia. The wonderland in adorned with a total of 109 rooms and is an astounding total square feet of 54, 000, sitting on 235 acres of land, with amenities such as a bowling alley, indoor and outdoor pools, a stable–that’s: a stable to hold horses, not women (yet). It also has inside; a movie theater, and a dining room suited to hold 100 people at one time. 

It is not revealed what Ross paid for the home however, it is reported that the upkeep of it is a cool 1 mill a year.

rick-ross-by-isaac-brekken Is Rick Ross sending us message of art having created life? I say this because he’s dropping his album titled: “Mastermind” on March 4, 2014 beginning with the lead single (already in heavy rotation) called: “Devil is a Lie” featuring his “(Fu(k with me) You Know I Got It” rapping cohort: Jay Z. Incidentally, Jay Z was also named in the $10 million lawsuit filed by Ross the kingpin, who named Jay Z as one of the masterminds behind creating rapper Rick Ross’ persona + stage name swiped from his real street life + name.

Ashanti-Rick-Ross-Film-Video-for-I-Got-It-in-Miami-2  Ross’ rhyme still aint done. As well, he is currently lacing R & B singer Ashanti’s latest single (ironically) called::::::::::::::::: “I Got it” from her critically anticipated album release “Braveheart.”

The pair just finished the video for the song which will also feature cameo appearances by the producer of the track: L.T Hutton and D.J Khaled.

rick roos window pic  Enjoy the rest of Ricky Rozay’s humble abode and YOU be the judge of whether or not he’s got it, the devil is a lie, or if he is indeed making life imitate his life (or vice versa why don’t you).

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