Resuscitating Rachel: Comediane MAYA RUDOLPH Spoofs RACHEL DOLEZAL On SETH MEYERS’ Show

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Jussssssssst as we were about to get an even more colorful dose of the 9 lives of Rachel Dolezal [which was including the fact that among her colorful life and style, she as well was bisexual], all it took was Dylan Roof to raise to roof off of Rachel Dolezal who, just as her 15 minutes was rising, got overshadowed by some dude terribly misguided who went four-five seconds wildin’ with Glock .9 on 9 innocent people sitting under the roof of the house of the Lord.

Well just as I proposed the question yesterday afternoon: “Um. Rachel who?”

…funny girl Maya Rudolph breathes yet, another life back into trans-racial trans-Rachel Africana Studies adjunct prof (slash) former NAACP President: Rachel Dolezal.

Typically (following Rachel’s worldwind week) that very next Saturday (via Maya/SNL); we would have gotten a dose of Dolezal in all her transracial transRachel glory (had Maya still been a fixture on the Saturday night sketch comedy show).


Unfortunately she is no longer (on SNL) but comedian and talk show host Seth Meyers provided the hilarious funny lady the platform to resuscitate Rachel on Monday’s Late Night with Seth Meyers Show.

Tap in below:



Maya is a HOOT!


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