How NICKI MINAJ Finally Met Her Match: Despite How Real Sh|t Got and Continues To Get, NICKI & REMY MA’s Rap Wrangle Is Kismet

When I was a kid, during a fist fight about to go down, if you had to kids both afraid to hit the other first; plucked from the bystanders tired of watching a stare-down would be anyone deciding to sort of ‘referee’ the whole sha-bang (in order to get the banging poppin.’). This was done by the ‘ref’ placing a stick on the shoulder of both fighters. The bravest of the two would be the first one to knock the stick off the shoulder of his or her opponent. That was considered to be the “first hit” and from there, the fight was on!

Given a phrase that kids would say when my mom was a kid, let me tell it, the person who coined [the phrase]: “sticks and stones may break my bones but words would never hurt me” was most probably a phrase inspired by that kind of a fight. And by now is most probably dead—as dead as self-proclaimed Queen of Rap Nicki Minaj should consider the notion for ever knocking the stick of raptress Remy Ma’s shoulder ever again. Because when Remy clapped rapped back, her words certainly hurt. It hurt all of us online despite all intents and purposes aimed at Nick Minaj, only. We all felt it, regardless.




You see Nicki had one job, and one job only: To cop to being the tomboy in this video circulating around the Internet-reminiscing about being the jilted lover of Reminisce Mackie who (then) the world knew by [her stage name]: “Remy Ma.”


Remy, at the time-was at the height of a blazing rap career and terrorizing many-a-stages: mocha-latte’d, thick-thighed, baby doll eyed, and blond-banged backed by Fat Joe and the Terror Squad-proving she had the right to be conceited.




The only “rapping” Nicki Minaj was doing at this time was being wrapped in a wave cap with a dollar stuck out of it back in her pissy New York hallway days-cuffing a wad of lil’ singles and talking trash. The [then unknown Onika Miraj-who would later become “Nicki Minaj”] was left behind while her (alleged?) lover had gone on to glory-leaving Nicki no texts to toll her absence and mere dial tones to speak for having gone on.

Fast forward.

Life comes at you fast.

And that’s’ certainly what happened-to the both of them.

These two have THEE most intriguing rap wrangle ever!

You see, the tables were turned and the earth moved from under Remy Ma’s feet when she was sentenced to jail bars and concrete. Miraculously, out of nowhere, an unknown Onika Miraj transformed into Nicki Minaj and a star was born-Barbie’s included.



All I have is one question though.

Who in the hell gets jilted by a lover gone superstar and gets that perfect “tables turned” story, only to run the rap streets for clean 7+ years to nearly getting it ended on social media?

Anybody who’s been following these two knew that it was only a matter time before some sh|t was gonna go down, but I said it once and I’ll say it again:


All Nicki had to do was cop to being the tomboy jilted lover in the video and her accomplishments in her career would spoken for itself.

Instead however, when the sh|t hit the fan Saturday, Nicki sends a lyrics out by Beyonce (as kind of ‘validating’ who she was?).



Onika Miraj had a “Nicki Minaj” that nobody in LIFE ever gets! Not even the likes and literal “likes” of a “Beyonce” could beat, validate or stamp that.

But when, out of nowhere, your jilted lover hops on wax and spits your ENtire shit list that included everything from sexual, physical, moral, superficial, public, private, to  sexually transmitted, and then reduced you to an example of a mere Left Eye cautionary tale.



“You signed a 360-deal through Young Money through Cash Money through Republic. Which means your money goes through 5 ni%%s before you touch it. You make like 35 cents off of each ducket. I own my masters, b|tch. Independent. So for every sale I do, you got to do like 10.” -Remy Ma.



It’s no wonder how one could be left speechless and discombobulated when a chick named “Reminisce” dropped a literal mic, leaving the entire rap culture with something to remember that will NEVER be forgotten.

Not to mention Ma’s meticulously titling it “ShETHER”-the female adaptation of rap legend Nas’ “Ether” (ironically) birthed during his notorious rap wrangle with Jay Z-the husband of Beyonce-the same one who Nicki reached for to prove she was validated by AFTER getting ShETHERed, herself.



This sh|t came full circle, foreal, yo. The words of rap legends Pete Rock and CL Smooth “When they ‘reminisce’ over you, my God,” has got its wings in the ”17.
This Remy Ma vs. Nicki Minaj rap wrangle (by far), has all the elements, twists and turns such that it completely shuts any intended ones to follow it.

Hands down. It gets no worse (or better) than the tales of these two.


Stick or no stick, when (ever) has there ever been a “fair fight?”

Despite the fact that sh|t got real, it got raw, and it got personal, “that’s what rap is supposed to do” (you say), right?

Remy Ma and Nicki Minaj

Not even getting into that Gemini-Sag energy that’s even bigger than this Sag and this Gemini, this rap wrangle was destined and kismet in more ways than one.

You have to look at the bright side of this.

Whether or not you want to grant Nicki Minaj the title “Queen of Rap” or not, the FACT of the matter is: For an entire 7+ years, she reigned female rap supreme with NO other female rapper out or awarded. The FACT is: Nicki Minaj’s “Barbie” gimmick was too great, but what kept her on the throne (alone) was that–so was her skills as a rapper.


Whether Nicki Minaj she wrote her raps or not, her delivery delivered hits and her hits were commensurate with her gimmick.

The industry had been trying to get somebody to give Nicki Minaj some competition for a long time but (like I wrote in this write up regarding the issue) nobody-no female rapper, wanted to step in the ring. Related imageTo do so, they had to compete with her gimmicry because she ruled that. And whoever stepped in the ring to box her had to come into the ring with a gimmick bigger than hers-even if they could rap better. It was THAT big and very much apart of her packaged deal.

Now, along comes her old friend: no gimmick, just skills.

Remy Ma stepped up like nobody stepped up and TO (not “at”) Nicki Minaj for a WHOLE 7+ years. She stepped TO her in a way that no other female rapper did. Let that sink in.

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Author: Angela Sherice