Remembering Singer AALIYAH-13 Years Later



August 25th marks the date of delivery of beloved singer: Aaliyah, 13 years-ago.

Aaliyah-as-Trish-O-Day-in-Romeo-Must-Die-aaliyah-27887620-2560-1709With countless, timeless hits like “Back and Forth,” “One in a Million,” “Are You That Somebody,” and “Rock The Boat,” before her untimely death; Aaliyah had transitioned from being just a singer-in to acting in films including movies like “Romeo Must Die” and a movie inspired by an Ann Rice vampire novel titled: “Queen of the Damned.”images

With a Lifetime biopic in the works currently, even over a decade that Aaliyah has been gone, she is certainly not forgotten by her fans, family, and people closely associated with her.

AALIYAH BACK AND FORTH OTHER SIDE OF THE FAMESince blasting onto pop/R&B scene in 1995 with hits like “Back and Forth” and “At Your Best (You Are Love),” she was at the height of her success right before her death-having won two MTV Video Music Awards (September 7, 2000) for her Timberland-produced song featured on the “Romeo Must Die” soundtrack called “Try Again.”

Timbaland Missy Magoo Ginuwine and Aaliyah OTHER SIDE OF THE FAMEAaliyah will forever be missed on an altogether different level by her closest industry friends famed producer: Timberland, rapper/singer/producer-Missy Elliott, rapper-Magoo, and R & B star-Ginuwine

Fatimah Robinson and Aaliyah…and director/choreographer Fatimah Robinson Fatima-Robinson-300x232

…who snapped this pic of Aaliyah just hours before she boarded the tiny Cessna aircraft that killed she and eight other video crew members just after wrapping the “Rock The Boat” video (shot in the Bahamas).Fatimah robinsons last pic of aaliyah hours before her death

She was just so beautiful laying there-taking a nap,” expressed Robinson. “She was so beautiful.” [sic].

Aaliyah was born on January 16, 1979 and died August 25, 2001, suddenly, unfortunately, for many.

Her last interview was August 21, 2001 at BET with Free and AJ on 106 and Park-just four days before she died

…where in that last interview, she talks about going to shoot the video for Rock the Boat “tomorrow.”

Well tomorrow came, and this is the finished product:

…but Aaliyah Haughton will live in the hearts of many, indefinitely.


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