If Your Relationship Is On Display Is It All For ‘Play’? Busted: SAGE THE GEMINI Used JORDIN SPARKS For Publicity – Ex Leaks Audio Of His Admitting Relationship Stunt

This is precisely why you should aspire to tailor the love you give and receive to your own life, love and situation (rather than other’s #relationshipgoals).
relationship goals

No matter how fairytale and Harlequin it may seem, you never know what’s really going on or what motives and “opportunity” are involved in what’s publicly:

  • displayed
  • said


  • done

…by one of the two ‘loving’ couples…
i love in the sky You know, when it comes to life (and love), you have to channel your life and your love to the change in times, too.

Let me explain.

With the incessant need for many peoples need to prove to the world they are what they think they are, or loved how they want the world to think they are loved, we have to align true intent with the times.

While before social media, publicly displaying your affection in the grass on asphalt at the park, [or] rumors in the neighborhood,
[or] extravagant parties that received buzz for about a week, [or] messages in bottles, [or] Blimp cloud-messages written in the sky [or] newspaper ads were cute; and although on display nonetheless, they had a kind of “Snap-chat” like quality: For a specific amount of time it was ‘out there’ for public consumption and entertainment …(and then it was gone).

i love you party That left couples in love to go back into the dugout lives of their private sanctuaries and go on love each other: sacredly and in private (thus adding to desire and growth necessary for a relationship).
glitter-gold-starNOWADAYS however, when you put your relationship on display for the world wide web, it doesn’t take any effort for the world to tune into your relationship, lifestyle, and relationship style. With the click of a button, it now belongs in the hands of people who may know you (and too), mostly ones who don’t. They don’t even have to bathe and be presentable to view and judge how you present your ‘relationship’ self.i love you couple in the park

So when you put your relationship on display today (unlike times of old/before social media), you will indeed be destined—destined to chase that very same display to display to the world that YOU chose to let in on your relationship.
YOU started something that you are going to have to finish, and if it is finished before you planned, with egg on your face, you are going to keep chasing the shine well after [the finished relationship] has cracked, dried and lost its luster (or completely left).
glitter-gold-starWhen your relationship is on display and should it go sour and you fight for it-you can’t really gauge if you’re fighting for it, or for it not to fail in front of the world.

THEN you’re back to the drawing board: looking for the next human upgrade (to display) to the world wide web that you got yourself one better (and so your cycle of embarrassment begins and your ‘relationship style’ in everyone’s hands).

No…YOU’RE not embarrassed (because you proved to the world that you got somebody else), but even people sitting in the audience of it are often times embarrassed FOR your cycle of embarrassment but won’t dare tell you. Being entertained by it online for them is far better the benefit for them than taking the chance of having to square up with you on your social media post for telling you the TRUTH about yourself and your “complicated’ ‘in a relationship’ shenanigans). It’s not worth the trouble so they’ll watch, and giggle, and

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