Record Labels Open PANDORA’s Box in Lawsuit

download After successfully having won and done the same to satellite radio company: Sirius XM Holdings [in 2013 in the same manner, for the same reason], the ghost of the Napster nightmare has come undone and opened Pandora’s box on notes from blasts of the past.

Major records Sony, Warner Bros, and Universal, labels are now suing the Oakland California-based Internet radio powerhouse: Pandora for not paying licensing fees (and copyright infringement) for their use of songs that were recorded before 1972.

According to our source, older songs (like Aretha Franklin’s “R-E-S-P-E-C-T” and The Beatles’ “Hey Jude”) aren’t covered by copyright law but they are indeed protected in common law by states [including New York].

According to the lawsuit (filed in the state of New York) the record labels claim the artists and their labels have been deprived of millions of dollars every year by services like the Internet radio giant who streams random songs according to artists or genres by grouping them [by categories like such]: “Motown” or “60 Oldies.” So pretty much-all those artists within those particular categories and genres have been cheated. Sony, Warner Bros, and Universal are scouring these categories for artists under their labels and umbrellas, and going after Pandora [like they did Sirius, last year].

Pandora said in a statement, they are confident in their legal position and look forward to a quick resolution with the matter.


Source: Associated Press



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