Raptagonist AZEALIA BANKS Comes For ERYKAH BADU + RIHANNA & ERYKAH Meet For The First Time!

You know…this Twitter thing here…the problem with that “@” button is that sometimes fans can inadvertently start a tiff between artists via unintended puns.

A fan inquired about whether or not Erykah Badu listened to raptagonist Azealia Banks’ music and Badu (having only a few characters left of the 140 to respond) merely replied: “Tried.”



 Banks’ didn’t take to well to Badu’s “trying” to listen to banks’ music so she replied.

 The exchange went something like this:

But ended ( “Pisces-ly” humble)…like’kiss:

Erykah gif

*in my Badu voice and lyrics* “Damn..Yall feel that?”


Ok so.

Our two Pisces sisters met for the first time (as posted by Badu):



If you know anything [aside from the fact that they sing] about Rihanna and Erykah Badu, then you know they’re both Pisces.

Pisces’ spirit animal is two fish swimming in different directions.

 Instantly, upon looking at that adorableness, I titled the pic

“Two Fish Swimming: In Different Directions.” 

Rihanna and Erykah

Fashion baby!

Nice, righttt? Check out the direction of each. Ha! I love this pic-Rihanna looks genuinely happy to have met Erykah.

Our Pisces sis Rihanna is in the best of spirits these days it seems. Check her out swimming in fashion with designer Karl Lagerfeld  (and be sure to check out our next story on Rihanna at New York Fashion Week / Fendi/  Madison): 

Rihanna Karl Lagerfeld

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