Rappers INKMONSTARR & STITCHES Put KYLIE On Blast to Spite TYGA & Threatens To Drop More – Is All This Trendy Industry Relationship-Bopping ‘Worth It’?

Easy like Sunday morning is an understatement if the “TMI Gang” should have it their way-insisting on dropping the G’s about Tyga’s girl Kylie for all interested parties (and for those of you who pretend to act disinterested as the Kardashian-Jenner cartel’s name, chaper and fame grows bigger).

So without further adieu, let me slide it to you like no one else can deliver it to yous.

There’s a subtle, domino effect kinda trend going on right now where many of the lil’ popular, pop culture darlings are feeling a hot, brave, rebellious, and risqué kinda sexy dating these pseudo-thug tough “bad” boys of rap, hip-Pop and other newly implemented up and coming “hybrid” acts in music and pop culture—while building and adding to their PR repertoire to match the egos of their targets (who too, could sure use the PR as well).

It’s almost safe to say that Kylie Jenner is leading the pack on this trend as, it was just a little over a year ago when she was merely bored and at home taking selfies by the pool (trying to look and be seductive) while her sister Kendall Jenner was out in the world making a name for herself in the fashion world and her Kardashian sisters Kim and Khloe  [who too, were spearheading the
trend beyond teeny bopper style but too, were busy making a name for themselves on the reality show and social media circuit], Kylie had enough alone time on her hands to think of how she was going to make her own way [outside of grabbing pillars by the pool and taking back shot selfies for Instagram].

Violia! Where there’s the will, there is a way! Kylie lips were no longer poked out from being lonely that one kind of way anymore but rather, she pump ‘em up, revamped her image, got out there and began making a way all her own and brought a few friends along: the Hadid sisters who too, one of which (Gigi) is friends with her sister Kendall.


I know, right?

I know this sounds like one, big “Teen Bop” mag of the 90s but wait a minute, wait a minute-let me finish.


In case you didn’t know, the Hadid sisters and daughters of that one INSANELY beautiful Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast member Yolanda Foster who is married to David Foster-their stepdad (a music mogul who is/was the force behind countless of your favorite pop and R&B acts from the 90s through today).


tyga kylieAt any rate, as you may well know, since the ripe old age of 17 years old, Kylie Jenner had been dating rapper Tyga who (along with the rapper) until she turned 18 in August, had been denying that they were dating. Since turning 18 (August 10) the rapper began dropping questionable songs [like one titled]: “Stimulated” with lyrics like:

“I’m stimulated / I’m at the bank, I’m penetratin’ / I’m puttin’ in, I’m penetratin’ / I’m gettin’ big, she stimulated/They say she young, I shoulda waited / She a big girl, dog, when she stimulated.”

…and other songs with lyrics like:

“I changed the lingo/gave her dangle/bury the dang ho/I’m fkin’ faster/I’m gettin’ stronger/I hit her, she backwards/ lickin’ her a$$hole/My dck is the password/T nasty ’bout to catch a felony for it/ Vagina juice like orange juice in the morning’”

…and on-stage antics like:


As hot and as close to ‘love’ 18 year-old Kylie may think that is (combined with the great PR machine she’s bred, reared and making money to be)


…and despite how hot 25 year-old Tyga thinks Kylie is—and all for him, other rappers beg to differ and have been waiting in the wings and seeping rumors out about having had Kylie in ways to surely make Tyga roar.




These next guys up to bat don’t seem to be playing and want, + is ready for trouble. Claiming to be from the “TMI Gang” rappers Inkmonstarr and Stitches are claiming to have too much information for Tyga. Both guys are claiming to have “hit and smashed” Kylie and dropped a diss record exclusively for Tyga and Kylie’s listening pleasure.






























For whatever these near 3-day bombs Inkmonstarr and Stitches keep dropping for Tyga on social media is worth; additionally, they claim to have gotten some gifts bought for them-some designer shoes with a tab totaling $1084.55 (courtesy of all that handy-dandy fan money all the disinterested parties of the Kardashian-Jenner clan’s making off yous for little or nothing)

In other “news.”

For what it’s worth to rapper Trina who (let the past/track record and social media tell it) went from rapper to notorious date serial date-ee of countless ball players and rappers (like French Montana who, broke up with her and began dating Kylie’s sister Khloe with whom Trina was once BFF’s with)…whether her face up in the place with one of these two guys putting Kylie out there is methodical sweet revenge (or shameful-considering all this teeny bopness) the fact of the matter is, she does have her face in the place.

(Let’s keep it real here though-for the girls who “cute” is enough for-this m/f is cute as hell. Geezel PEETES he’s gorg-uniquely so):



At any rate…whether she (Trina) has given up all hope on finding true love and [like many celebs are] cashing in their true personal selves for the fame and money gained from these personally pitiful looking stunts, the fact of the matter is these “pimp my personal reputation and relationship” scenarios are indeed a big trend in the industry (and obviously paying off somewhere in the game)-paying off in whimsical in ways that at one time, wasn’t so rampant and random since the invent of social media.

Given the climate of the attention paid to these Kylie Jenner’s and these very types of “relationships,” in the end, the only persons to ask is themselves: Was/is it all worth it?

Perhaps we’ll ponder that question in another blog (I’ll write) called “Pimp My Relationship-Random Relationships Running and Ruining the Risk of Personal Reputations: Is This ‘Entertainment’ All Worth it?”



…According to Inkmonstarr, there’s more.

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