Rapper NELLY Addresses Fans, Family & Friends Regarding Saturday’s Tennessee Arrest & Drug Charges

While rapper Nelly’s Saturday morning was interrupted by a quick search of the tour bus he was riding in (that ended up resulting the rapper’s arrest); despite the fact that he posted bond and his attorney knows he will be cleared of all charges-still, he spoke out about it.

Considering the types of drugs that were found and reported to the public, obviously such a report didn’t sit too well with family, fans, and friends of Nelly’s.

It’s like my personal/secret motto by which I’m more demonstrative [than wasting my time or talking about it]:

No matter what, or how they feel about it: You’re better off showing people who you are than to sit back and let them make up who you are.

Nelly did just that.

Rather than to allow rumors and speculation run amok-stemming from the incident (and sit back and play the celebrity game of old: “stay quiet and it will go away”), he chose to speak up:

Nelly Adresses Drug Charge

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