PURPLE RAIN Turns 30: PRINCE Invites APOLLONIA To Paisley Park

WhenDovesCryStill Very few kissing scenes in movies can make you yell out with pleasure (and embarrass yourself if anyone’s in the room with you) than the very moment in “Purple Rain” “When Dove’s Cry” video & scene when while Prince is straddled over Apollonia and goes in for that savage, near borderline animalistic yet, sensual kiss, as the lyrics “they feel the heat-the heat between me and you” plays overhead.

Uhhhhhhhhhhhh. *clutches chest* Be still my beating heart. *drops chin to chest like a drunk* I’tell ya, that scene can just make your love come down and throw a girl’s heart straight into her gut–stuck behind her belly button.

❤️thump. ❤️thump. ❤️thump.

Enough already… Let me purify myself in the waters of Lake Minnetonka, if I may.

download Ok I’m back.

So…if you’re anything like me and everybody else; we could have a “Purple Rain” party and play it like a board game: taking turns sitting around mimicking the lines from the movie’s every scene. It’s just that addictive and unforgettable (VH1 makes sure of that).

images (1) Needless to say, no one can deny that the soundtrack to the movie was no slouch either. It was, and still is incredible and timeless. I, for one am known for getting my morning self-esteem expresso and dose of feel-good by popping in “Baby I’m a Star” and letting it run through me. Well…the movie and soundtrack turns thirty years old this week and Our Royal Badness remarked the special occasion this past Saturday night with a surprise concert at Paisley Park where he had a very special guest join him: download (1) Apollonia Kotero-who for the first time, visited the estate.

Bo8wwqcCcAAjrow  According to our sources, via a Facebook post (that was deleted soon thereafter) Kotero wrote: “4:42 A.M. in Minneapolis , just had a private concert by Prince and 3rdEyeGirl at PaisleyPark….Ida on Bass , Donna on Guitar and Hannah on Drums,” Bo0cQs3CcAAOaVI BohQt_jIUAAPElQ       Kotero then reported: “They play loud and HARD. Heard new music that was dope! He had a cool chair for me on the stage at his side and I sat there transfixed on every note, every move, every vocal. After every song I yelled and clapped my ass off. It was so amazing it made me sweat. These ladies are so talented and beautiful. I was charmed. And Prince….my heart still skip’s a beat (I understand girl-I’m with you on that). …(cont’d): BpGKUl9CEAAMVyW  “PaisleyPark is a fun place. He showed me all my images painted on the walls. ‘Hey that’s me!!!’ I said, he just laughed in that cool way he that does. The biggest room will be The Purple Rain room….he will have us painted there, huge murals. ‘My big head gonna be up there?’ He just laughed and laughed.” download (2)

Prince, fairly new to social media, caught on to the culture quite well. He happened to get a kick out of this particular [Internet] meme BlTMijnCUAA6ckF  and recently revealed that a meme of himself and Kotero-riding the back of his motorcycle in a scene from “Purple Rain”-inspired a new song called “This Could Be Us.” BrG1zRUCUAEsgmN

The song will appear on Prince’s first full-length album to be released soon. PRINCE_3RDYEYEGIRL

We can get ourselves a glimpse into Saturday nights shin-dig of Prince and 3rd Eye Girl‘s jam-session. (Yayyyy…)

BpJJeXaIAAM6NzS The typically, fiercely guarded artist posted a 10-minute audio recording from the 3 a.m.Paisley Park concert on YouTube Sunday. This is a treat, because Prince is notoriously and persistently adamant about having none of his music, videos, or lyrics being whore’d across the Internet for free, for pleasure and to cuten up our social media pages. He’s not having it! That being said, have at this and enjoy 🙂


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