Patiently Awaiting #ProudMaryMovie

Proud and patiently waiting is an understatement.

If you know me, then you know that I am UTTERLY, child-like fascinated by (natural) acts of bravado that give off that certain air of being in control of your space, moment, or experience i.e., handling a cigarette, handling the wheel of a car, e.g., driving in feet of snow with no fear. Or like the ‘silky’ smooth sight of my friend maneuvering her boyfriend’s super long old school #Cadillac in a tight, corner store parking lot with one hand—things like that.

I have this odd fascination with bravado like such and I don’t know why!

So too, if you follow me, then you KNOW I am obsessed with, and can’t get over Geena Davis as “Charlie Baltimore” in A Long Kiss Goodnight. Nothing can compare.

Well, January 12 can’t get here soon enough. Because #TarajiPHenson has won me over as “Mary” in her upcoming action flick called #ProudMary. I cannot WAIT to see that movie!

All it took for me was to see her handling that steel while being fly and fearless and I was sold-just as about as sold as I was watching her slide across that floor on her tail as if she was on her soles.

Be still my heart, she stole my soul!

I’m sold.


I am excited.


And I can’t WAIT for #ProudMaryMovie!

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Author: Angela Sherice