PRINCE Moves Entire Discography To TIDAL | Will Ex-Wife MATYE’s Book About Her Life With PRINCE See The Light of Day Or No?

Although with the launch of Apple’s streaming service on June 30, and Spotify having gotten in the ring with consolidation of Starbucks and other streaming perks soon come (Tidal being quiet as it has) has seemingly sunk into oblivion. Uh-uh now. Not so fast. Be careful with that. The ones who move in silence are typically the ones really making the moves…

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But as far as Tidal goes…unless you are a Tidal subscriber, you may not be privy to all the moves but we do know of a couple’tings among all this streaming noise: Prince has removed his entire discography from Spotify and Apple and is rolling with Tidal.

(We probably should have known Tidal’s Jay Z, and Bey were whispering in Prince’s ear and speaking his language back when they all held that Baltimore peace rally and benefit concert though).

Meanwhile, while we sit back and twiddle our thumbs or practice bouncing quarters off our taut tummies-awaiting this supposed book his ex wife (slash) VH1 Hollywood Exes reality star Matye is working on (detailing she and Prince’s relationship), do know that Tidal is officially the only place to cop Prince.

As you may well know from following me (something I always say and joke about yet, it’s real): Prince won’t even allow snippets of his music fly free [let alone his full singles be tossed about] across the YouTubes and such.

I heard somebody nearly got their IG taken down over a 15-seconding Prince upload! (I didn’t check into that being true or no but that is a Prince move-he’s sued his fans before!)PrinceTwirl

He has never been on board with what most of your favorite celebs allow: letting their music hang out there on these free sites in an effort to stay out there. Nah.

Prince never has, and never will get down with these Internet/digital age freebies in order to stay “relevant.”

He even hung out and played the Twitter game for a spell but bounced off that. He just wasn’t about to cash out on all the significance he’s worked towards all these years, just for the Internet to be invented only to stick a number by a blue check and a marquee to validate his “relevance” today-in the digital/Internet Age. He bounced, totally.

See the thing is…when you do substantial things, it simply is and becomes who you are. And like Prince-you’ll forever be known as “significant.”

(“Relevant”/”irrelevant” are are merely some terms coined by reality show dames as darts to throw that have zero to do with “worth” as, every human being is as “relevant” as the breath in his/her body).

So in considering all that, Prince, in all his significance and purple glory, is supposed to be written about in Matye’s upcoming book in which she (reportedly) is going to be telling the story about she and Prince’s baby they lost just hours after its birth.

Lest we not forget Matye is also Tommy Lee’s ex so this could make quite a good book!



…But knowing how Prince operates about his privacy, his music and his relevance, I seriously doubt this book of hers will ever see the light of day but hey, it’s okay for Matye to dream though.



Do you think we’re gonna get such book?



Hand me-my quarters and let me lay back.

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