PRINCE Mid Air Emergency Landing-Rushed To Local Hospital + DIANA ROSS Involved in Car Accident On Route To Show

PrinceIn the “International Lover’s own words: “We ask that you please observe the ‘no letting go sign’. I anticipate a few turbulence along the way,” such is a sentiment of life imitating art for us Prince fans this evening as, we are hoping that all is still well with our royal highness who-according to the LATimes-is currently writing a memoir (and will have another page to add to it, now).

“No letting go,” indeed, we hope as, it’s reported that the self-monikered, singular genre’d Rock and Roll Funk and Roll, Rock and Roll Hall of famer got sick at high altitude and was rushed by ambulance to an Illinois hospital for complications of the flu. Reportedly the Around The World In A Day superstar has been fighting influenza for several weeks-even while traveling and performing overseas (and now back in the states).

It’s said the artist canceled two shows on April 7 which is unlike Prince, who-per pop culture history, [was] notorious for making a statement (turned song): “Sometimes it snows in April” (and when it did that April, solidified his magic that matched his mystery).

Sometimes it snows in April
Sometimes I feel so bad
Sometimes, sometimes I wish that life was never ending,
And all good things, they say, never last -Prince

Reportedly, the reclusive, hardworking artist insisted however, [on] making his show in Atlanta this week (despite not feeling very well).

Although he made that show, he felt considerably worse after boarding his plane which then made an emergency landing at Quad City International Airport in Moline, Illinois just after 1 a.m. where he was treated at a nearby hospital and released after three hours (where from-headed straight back to his own home).

It’s said that he is doing okay right now. (Let’s hope so. I’d be devastated if something happened to Prince who, just a couple months ago-2.16.16-lost his #1 girl Vanity. He got he news of her passing mid-show while in Sidney and still had to perform, sadly. See that moment in the show here ).


Diana Ross rainstorm in Central Park show

Aint No Mountain High Enough superstar Diana Ross is proving just that to her fans as she was involved in a car accident.

Reportedly, yesterday the iconic star was hit by a 22 year-old woman having run a stop sign while [she] was riding in a Lincoln Town Car limo on route to her show.

Although she complained of head and neck pain, (and the limo had to be towed) she was treated on the scene followed by assuring paramedics she would seek further treatment on her own.

Diana Ross car accident Facebook postFrom there, Ross performed her Bethlehem, Pennsylvania show at Sands Casino complex and assured fans she was okay and fine enough to keep her In The Name of Love tour moving right along as scheduled.

Diana Ross car accident tweet

Diana Ross is no stranger to rough terrain striking at importune times before a show.

Costume change and all, in front of 800,00, she notoriously continued to perform for her fans amid a savage rainstorm in Central Park in New York in 1983 (8:32) proving just what she sings: “Aint no mountain high enough. Aint valley low enough. Aint no river wide enough…to keep me from getting to you, babe.”


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Michael Jackson after Pepsi incidentP.S.

Reportedly, both Prince and Diana Ross were almost called to testify in the wrongful death trial of Michael Jackson.


Pop culture flashback/rewind:

When Michael Jackson had to be flown out after an accident that happened while filming a Pepsi commercial, the world awaited on a sign from him that he was okay. That sign came in the form of him wearing his notorious sequin glove and waving his hand for the fans.

Fast forward.

Although Prince is quite the recluse and wans on and off social media, perhaps we will get a sign from him that all is well, too…

Here’s his Instagram Princestagram account(which shows his last 3 posts being 4.14.16 which shows an actual pic of him in the center of two blankspace/whitespace posts)



I love Prince and am really worried :[


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