PRINCE Appearance on “NEW GIRL” Right After SUPER BOWL

th (1) Your Royal Highness: “Prince” whose “relevancy” stays (like his songs says), on: “A-u-t-omatic,” will be very much apart of next month’s Super Bowl festivities as are Bruno Mars and The Red Hot Chili Peppers’.

th (5)  Well, he’s not actually performing for Super Bowl Halftime however, do know that after the excitement of the commercials, the game itself, and the Halftime Show; the party’s not over.

th (3) Lock yourself in position while in front of the television, because Prince will be making a rare guest appearance on popular television comedy called “New Girl.”

th  Spoiler Alert: Zooey Deschanel’s character is to be invited to a party at a mansion which will be hosted by non-other than Prince (guest starring as himself).

  th (2)   th (4)  If you ever want to study and know the definition of what being “relevant” and “successful” really is, look to Prince as one of many artists whose career span has transcended decades and somehow, with television and radio interview appearances that you can probably count only on one hand (and just over the recent years); he has always managed to maintain his level of superstardom, success, and “relevancy” without incident, publicity stunts, scandals, or (even in this decade): social media effrontery.

th (6) Prince is a walking example and case study of being who he is, where he is, and for long he’s been, by no other reason than his artistry and work speaking for itself.

At any rate, as well, right on the heels of this past Sunday’s Golden Globe win for best comedy; Fox Television Station will also be airing an episode of “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” right after that airing of “New Girl.”

In case you haven’t figured it out already, by tradition and per Nielson [ratings], Super Bowl Night is, always has been, and always will be [one of the] the staples of “relevancy” and is one of the most watched television events of the year. So any television show, commercial, person, or thing appearing right before, during, and even after the Super Bowl will be seen by more people than ever, so those coveted prime time slots are considered to be prime cut, and prime real estate such that whosoever shall be slated for them will, even if for one night, be a household name………………………….. like “Prince” (already is, always has been, and always will be).

th (7)

Eye Spied at Fox/Associated Press

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