PRESIDENT OBAMA Announces Plans For Going to College for Free {Update: 1.10.15}



President Obama Speaks On Automotive And Manufacturing Industry At Ford Michigan Assembly PlantLet’s see:

  • Health care available for all Americans
  • Just last month, gas having dropped as low as $1.70-the lowest in over twelve years
  • Going to college free of charge

Oh my!

…Our president may be harassed and un liked for many-a-things but at least he’s trying to do something that matters and is important to all people of America-when he can, where he can.

The debate as to whether his generosities, plans, and proposals are great now but hurt later isn’t up for debate right now. The fact of the matter is: all we have is “now.”

And right now, President Obama is trying to get you sonsers off Facebook, Instagram and Twitter so you can come back two years later and post something that’s really impressive and cool: a degree.

Well although it will only be a two-year degree, the fact of the matter is-the debate about (the fact) that schools (colleges and universities) are businesses in place to make money that in exchange, gives us our “social security” (in the form of a degree); the chance to attend free for two years eradicates that excuse [for not going]!

So let’s go—find out more about this big news:



It is not a partisan proposal. However the president proposed to make two years of community college free for all students who qualify.


How Do I Know If I “Qualify”

A good start (and something you should do every top of the year, is go to to complete what is called your FAFSA application. It asks you a series of questions about you, your family composition, household income from the previous year etc., and after submitting that, shortly after, you will receive information on what, if any, (grants, work-study programs etc.) you are eligible for.


The Catch

You Must Be Willing to Work For It


Who Qualifies

To qualify for the program,  you must attend community college at least half-time, maintain a 2.5 GPA, and make steady progress toward completing their program


What Does “Community” College Mean? Does it Mean Colleges Only in my Community/Neighborhood?

No. “Community College” is just another name for “2-Year College.” Those are usually state colleges (rather than universities) and are located in all 50 states-several community colleges within each state.


Is This For 2-Year Colleges in All States

Tune in on Friday (tomorrow) for the deets on what state colleges are participating. I do not believe they are obligated to participate, however. The president will officially unveil the program at a community college in Knoxville, Tennessee tomorrow.


Who’s Picking Up The Tab?

The federal government will cover three-quarters of the average cost of community college, and states that choose to participate will have to cover the remainder.


Will My Credits Be Transferable To A Four-Year College?

To be part of the program, the community colleges will be required to offer credits that can transfer to public four-year colleges or workforce training programs with high graduation rates.


How Is the American Taxpaying Budget Able to Withstand This?

White House officials decline to elaborate on just how much this program would cost or how it would be paid for but its details will be in the presidents forthcoming budget which will be released in early February.

The administration estimates the program would help about 9 million students, saving the average full-time student about $3,800 per year. We do know what much.


Sounds Too Good to be True, Any Red Tape?

In order to become reality, Congress will have to approve the plan.



Although America hasn’t caught up with other countries like: Brazil, Germany, Finland, France, Norway, Slovenia, and Sweden (where going to college is free-no red tape, political debates or proposals) this is a great start!



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