Post Office Employee Married to TERRELL OWENS for Two Weeks Claims He Used Her For Monetary Gain

images (4)  His humble and hard working attempts at making a comeback in the NFL didn’t last that long, and neither did Rachel Snider’s fairytale and recent marriage to former football player Terrell Owens who, images (7) once upon a time was worth $80 million dollars-and at this moment in time, is being caught in the act of digging gold digging.

At a California courthouse’s Justice of the Peace ceremony, on January 23, 2014 Owens married Rachel Snider who just after two weeks of wedded bliss, filed for divorce from Owens.

Rachel Snider   Snider, a 33 year old post office worker, told TMZ she believed that Terrell married her for monetary reasons: her high credit score being useful to him in her being able to take out a loan out on a $2 million Sherman Oaks California home he had in his images (15) sights set on-banking on that credit score of hers to see him (or them) them through.

020714-SW-NFL-Terrell-Owens-PI.vadapt.955.medium.60 I’m guessing that love must be blind, and perhaps his charm, good looks and well-kept physique sent her running to the alter with the former ball player and she turned a deaf ear and blind eye  download (18) to what’s been public information for a long time now (that too, he revealed on his reality show: “The T.O Show”): He had no income and his credit score was just over 500.

Well, what a difference some hours in a day makes. Early in the day on February 6, 2014 she excitedly tweeted:

Snider “Wow almost Valentines day ! What does a wife get a husband ?? And what does a husband get a wife ?? So new to me !! ”

download (22)  A few tweets next, she was saying quite the opposite-reaching out/waiting to hear back from prominent L.A defense attorney (who deals with high dollar cash-not credit scores): Mark Geragos, whom in another tweet, she eventually tells [him] he’s “slacking”.

I dunno. But enough of Rachel Snider’s Twitter timleine swinging back and forth like a pendulum. Only time will tell what, if anything becomes of this just about as much we can probably assume Geragos is probablydownload (21) wondering what he can do with this as well. Because after all, if Owens publicly announced that he was broke and by Snider’s very own claims-alleges he used her to by a $2 million home; I don’t think there’s much he can really do for her other than do what he’s notorious for: Get rich people download (19) download (20)  (like Chris Brown and the late Michael Jackson) out of pickles.

Welp. She’s not rich and according to TMZ, she’s already filed a divorce and is out—–of the marriage, so… *hands up*

At any rate.

We posted just a few of her colorful tweets that swing back and forth from everything seeming kosher, to reaching out to pastors, RachelSnider to striking poses in support [ of what looks like a book] by her friend, to waiting on Geragos to get back in touch with her, to @ing Chad Ochocinco about her bookshelf adorned with romance novels, to fending off Twitter trolls coming by to heckle her, to saying Owens is (still) her husband and friend.

ignoring Instead of turning a blind eye and deaf ear to mere  Twitter, she looks to be all over the place and talking a little more than she probably should while obviously enjoying the attention.

images (17) Poor thing, she hasn’t the slightest idea that explaining yourself to Twitter trolls is a never-ending job that never should begin. Because the reality is: despite how good-looking he still is, the world knows his “social status” and that his pockets aren’t lined, therefore, his popularity’s not “shining” and looking like glitter to the world of that drone minded portion of people on social media whose always willing and ready to attach themselves to anybody who so much as takes a picture with a celebrity images (19) looks like a celebrity, or even so much as shares the same name as one. Unfortunately, because of his public woes and his not being rich, working, and a shining star right now; she’s not going to lock down a sleuth of Twitter followers attaching themselves to her like Velcro as is she found the cure for cancer-telling her lies; adorning her with excessive adoration by telling her how ungodly, abnormally, and overly beautiful she is and putting her up on pedestals unheard of [for having been associated with him]. So trying to explain yourself to a bunch of cruel and bored people who most probably are looking to get retweets and attention themselves, just ‘aint worth it (either way).

*blows bangs*

images (10) But run by and giving her some attention why don’t you. Because trying to post her Tweets for you in an effort to piece together her side of the story gave me vertigo. Here are a few:

Regardless, Snider expressed:

I felt in love … and now I feel betrayed and heartbroken.” 

Well, whether it was real love

or infatuation:

…and whether he was true to (or he played on that)…wish them well on their prospective [and individual situations].

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