Poet and Writer NIKKI GIOVANNI Reads BILL COSBY At the 2007 Miami Book Fair

images (9)As we stated before, Bill Cosby (out of nowhere) just one day, came out of left field and took America’s black youth and the black community by surprise when he went on this crusade about young men, sagging pants, parents buying $200 sneakers and other issues he had with the black community and  life priorities.




We ate that Jell-O and that mighty fine pudding, whatever he was doing with that. We would go in to have our pictures made and demand Kodak paper to try to help that Negro out and then he’s going to turn around and tell me I’m a bad mother? Uh uh, I’m not buying that. He’s going to tell me that I’ve done something wrong because I’ve tried to give my kid what every other kid has? Because I’ve tried to do the very best that I can do? -Nikki Giovanni

I would be remised (and biased) if I didn’t admit that although some things he’s had to say did indeed require examination and actually had some truth to it. And I’m sure objective (rather than emotional) minds would agree with me.

hqdefaultBut it wasn’t what he said, it was the way he delivered it and how (in the eyes of black male youth) he had gone from the “Dr. Huxtable” [secretly in their minds] like “Theo” being the dad they wished or never had, to just one day: finding out they never were seen as even remotely close to being somebody who Bill Cosby would take under his wing or give one care about (other than to verbally scorn, chastise and judge).

download (1) Well video tape is surfacing of renown activist, writer, commentator, and poet Nikki Giovanni having some words of her own to say about Bill Cosby with regard to he and his opinions about the black community (words that although were less than poetic, she felt like she had to say…like he obviously did: wherever-and whenever she could).

“Where she could” just so happened to be on her platform at the 2007 Miami Book Fair where she was there to read, present, accept, and represent as a writer and poet, but this day, was simply “Nikki Giovanni” :commentating…who had something she wanted to get off her chest (about what she had been hearing about Bill Cosby spewing around the world).

Take a look and listen (atop the OSF Big screen).

With all do respect and straight-forward a person as I am, my apologies to those of you who like transcription (a word for word script laying out what you can press ‘play’ and listen + see). I’m a real writer (not a “blogger”—wording up useless alphabet to lengthen my writeup). So I summarize, (like you just read above)  I don’t transcribe (unless I have an order to do so). Other than that, transcribing is a waste of my time.

imagesSo if you are on a device where you cannot press play on that video just yet, that summary I just gave above-(about the who, when, when, why and how) should hold you over until you can get to a device that allows you to press “play.” this blog will be here waiting on yas 🙂 Do so, at your earliest convenience. We rarely hear from/about Nikki Giovanni. And although she was before our time, it’s good to see that somebody from she and his Bill’s time, could feel the plight of the youth-and be a voice for them.

He’s mad because they drop their drawers? He’s mad because he has to look at [their] cracks? It’s not the only cracks he’s mad at looking at because he’s looked at a whole lotta other ones…Hasn’t he? -Nikki Giovanni


Bill, on the other hand, has had a plethora of video tape going in on the youth, we’d have to take the time to research and post it all (which, whenever we’re bored, we’ll do). But, he’s pretty much has had the same gripe throughout them all.

Nikki Giovanni returned to 2013’s Miami Book Fair (less much-a-say about The Cos, this time).

download (2)Enjoy the entire footage here:


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