Pigtailed Pretend-Scientist on NCIS PAULEY PERRETTE Brutally Attacked By Transient Near Her Home in Los Angeles


Now this is one that definitely requires some dissecting if I should say so myself.

NCIS star (who plays “Abby”- the raven-haired, bang and two-pigtailed scientist on the show), Pauley Perrette was attacked near her Los Angeles home on November 12 (in the 6000 block of  Cahuenga Terrace) by a man identified as a “transient” / homeless (possibly mentally ill) man by the name of David Merck, 45.

According to the actress, who took to her Twitter account to give details about the attack, says she is just happy to be alive:

“I was very hesitant about tweeting this. Tonight was an awful night. I was walking across my street to a new guest house I bought to meet my architect on my street, I was jumped by a VERY psychotic homeless man,” she wrote. “He grabbed me so forcefully, pinned my arm, punched me in the nose, forehead repeatedly telling me he was going to kill me. Then he showed me how he was going to kill me.”


pauleysusp_lapdWhile repeatedly striking the actress, the man kept referring to himself as “William” for some odd reason that still has yet to be investigated.

A short time after the attack, he was apprehended at on Cahuenga Boulevard and Yucca Street at a nearby 7-Eleven convenience store and is currently in police custody on [some report $60,000/ other’s $100,000] bail and too, denies the crime.

Perrette updated her followers on how she’s doing and the goings on since this unfortunate incident:



PauleyPMiraculously, the actress is very empathetic to this countries’ issues of neglect and misunderstanding of the mentally ill (slash) homeless community.





Another strange twist to this story is that Pauley mentioned there was a witness to the crime who casually walked by with his dog and did nothing. Since then, she met the stranger (with the dog) whose has a name: “Anthony,” and the two became fast-friends: (VIDEO)

Pauley P

In good spirits, out of this pickle and feeling like life is a bowl of cherries today, the quirky, fictitious scientist of the popular television show (who, in real life is a civil rights activist and singer-songwriter) is back at her fascination with making weird sandwich delicacies on whole wheat pita bread consisting of turkey, cottage cheese, and blueberries.

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