PAULA PATTON Appears Back On the Scene After Five Month Hollywood Hiatus


patton27f-4-webNot saying that the rooster has come to rule roost [the nest again] but it’s day 4 since it became public that Katie Holmes dropped a line rope to our guy Robin Thicke—checking in to see how he had been doing since his almost six month separation from his estranged wife Paula Patton [who has not been back to the home she once shared with Thicke since around February this year].

By the second day of word getting out that TomKat’s Katie Holmes having sent some words over to Robin (via email) the Mission Impossible actress was out on the Hollywood scene after being missing in action from the public spotlight for almost six months now.

download (4)You know how we women do *evil grin*

At any rate, I’m sure this was unintentional however–Patton showed up and…out…(oops):

download (3)…at Monday night to a pre-Emmy party at the Pacific Design Center in West Hollywood–chatting it up with other celebs and industry professionals.

Paula Patton seen leaving Craig's Restaurant in West HollywoodDressed in an all-black fitted, sheer and solid striped long-sleeved mini dress, natural bobbed hair and black heels, Patton mingled throughout the room but obviously could not escape the flashing lights of the paps-most probably thinking they were seeing a ghost (unassumingly naturally gorg and dressed sexily in black).

paula-patton-600Since confirming her rumored separation from Thicke (February) Paula’s last appearances were in early March at Vanity Fair’s Oscar party and at the Independent Spirit Awards during the same month.

robin-thicke-PAULA_coer art_OtherSideoftheFameTo date, Thicke’s public displays of affection while on stage touring have gone ignored.

RobinThicke_GetHerback_OtherSideoftheFameAs well, his musically creative efforts fell on deaf ears-after writing a whole album and dedicating each song written by him, for Patton.
VINTAGE PAULA AND ROBINThicke and Patton, high-school sweethearts, have been married for nine years, and have one son together.



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