{Out & About} JAY Z & BEYONCE Get Dressed Up for Going Out An A Date -No Special Occasion


BeyZ_date night saturday2Bey Z headed out for a night on the town-for no particular occasion other than date night.

A night in which Jay Z was looking rather dapper and handsome in a slim, tailored suit and dress shoes.

Wife Beyonce was dressed color-blocking in a dainty, red, silk toga dress and lavender, satin heels; perfect for a night of going out and spending some quality time alone on a quality date alone—something the couple probably haven’t gotten dressed up and done in a while.

We’ll say…it must’ve been nice to see each other dressed up simply for a Saturday night date-simply going out and in spirit of the occasion, we picked out the perfect song for them.

A classic by Cameo “We’re Going Out Tonight.”




It’s probably tailored

But y’all ni%%as acting way too tough

Throw on a suit get it tapered up

And let’s just:

Change clothes and go

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