{Out & A’Bliss} Newlyweds SOLANGE & ALAN FERGUSON


First pics have emerged of newlyweds Solange Knowles and Alan Ferguson passing through Miami [on route to/from the honeymoon?].

newlyweds_solange and alan ferguson3

As you very well may know, last weekend Solange was was all the rave when pictures surfaced of Beyonce’s little sister’s unconventional, picture-paint-ish, art deco, Paris meets New Orleans styled wedding theme and photos and since then, girl was interrupted by a brief pause with the spotlight focus being turned to Beyonce returning to New York and eventually (this weekend) having dropped 7/11.

newlyweds_solange and alan ferguson2

Now that Solange and Alan Ferguson have had a week of peace deflected by and courtesy of big sis, papz caught up with the newlyweds at the airport in Miami where it was obvious the groom was already prepared with the answer to any questions (as seen printed on his t shirt): “Getting lost in the beauty of it.”

newlyweds_solange and alan ferguson


That ‘bout sums it up and answers all papz’s questions regarding the couple’s wedded bliss. I know, right?

How was you guys’ honeymoon?

*points to t-shirt*

How’s married life guys?

*points to t-shirt*

What are you guys doing from here, now?

*points to t shirt*

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