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Yes #BlackThighsMatter and Faith Evans was caught in the nude—underwear.

Got a lot of things to load here for September’s shenanigans before September’s so gone but am taking a moment to post up the ‘Faith Evans flash’ that the Internet is all abuzz about.

Currently, Faith is on tour with her B


adBoy Fam. And while singing her notorious popular hit from her debut album “You Used To Love Me,” dressed in a wrap dress, she was caught sashaying across the stage and inadvertently lifted her dress mid-dance—most probably forgetting she wore a split face/bodice styled dress versus a full dress. We have ‘faith’ Faith was just caught into the smooth groove and didn’t realize she had shown her ‘world’ to the world.


Well, someone in the Boston Mass. crowd caught the moment and it hit the masses.

The short second clip went viral and vagina was clinched in the drenches of becoming the butt of social media jokes. Although to the naked eye it was clearly visible Faith had on nude undies, the type of crowd [who hasn’t learned that a grown woman doesn’t have “kitty” versus a ‘pussy’ anymore than I can’t stand the word “coochie”] saturated social media with quips.

Here’s the moment: (and read more about this here)




At the top of the year 2014,  RHOA’s Porsha Stewart Williams was ripped from pillar to post left under a foyer of fascade when rumors surfaced she was leasing (rather than having bought) the 8,000 sq. ft. condo she was living in-leaving fellow “housewives” wondering too, just how she could have even afforded it—back at that time.

porsha-2014-getting-clowned-for-leasing-condo-_-home porsha-2014-getting-clowned-for-leasing-condo-_-home2

Well fast forward this time, her ship has come in and Porsha’s happily divorced from  NFL player Cordell Stewart and all smiles now from having signed the deed to her new home with a real foyer-no faking and fronting.

From the outside looking in, hell, signing anything important, contractual and communicative during sun in [Mercurial, dual-natured, deceptive, double-talking, static transmission, two-faces constellation] Gemini from May 21 through June 21 is a bit riské, so certainly the same celestial sentiment is shared as we phase out of this static Mercury Retrograde   moment at this very moment in time RIGHT NOW, but hey, Porsha’s ecstatic. So much so that she even shouts out the man who made it all possible, her ex–Cordell Stewart.

Take a tour of her new not so humble abode here


The Derrick Rose rape case has been long-ongoing, and (finally) about to go to trial while secretly blossoming to be quite stink and smelling nothing like a rose.


Since all the accusations, alleged’s (and other’s ‘disturbing’ details), the accuser has been able to finagle her way to a kind of anonymity atypical of many girls accusing notables and ball players of sexual acts and violations. Most of this is attributed to the fact that this girl is supposed to come from this ultra-conservative family and of course, out of respect for her being the (“alleged”) victim, it’s no wonder that a request to remain anonymously Jane Doe would go honored however, remaining anonymous didn’t come with the accuser honoring her right to remain silent.


Reportedly, the girl is slowly making her way around to the media-speaking (about Derrick) without being seen. This, of course, is making its way back to Rose and counsel and now, the girl’s mask is about to come off—as per a judge’s ruling. Reportedly, the big reveal is supposed to occur on the first day of trial: October 4, 2016. (Read more on this here and here).


It’s another bad love coin song wrecking her brain bank like crazy.





Singer Toni Braxton has been an open book regarding having to filed bankruptcy once upon a time but the game didn’t stop ‘cause the singer got knocked. Still, the Unbreak My Heart darling dame managed to tour again, do a Lifetime  biopic, cut a grown folks album with her original Don-Dada and duet partner (BabyFace) and too, write a book so…nothing managed to unbreak her art. However, Uncle Sam has broken her finances down to a science. The tax man claims the singer owes him something to the tune of…Tap here to read more about this story.



John Conner, 27, a dancer and Memphis dance coach


john-conner-hiv-statutory-rape-casewho reportedly, had a brief stint on the Lifetime Network popular television dance show called Bring It! “allegedly” did just that: concealed but brought his HIV+ diagnosis to an inappropriate relationship with a guy 10 years his junior without revealing his status and putting the 17 year old in harms way such that his lifetime span could be/could have been stunted.

Currently, Conner is awaiting a Monday September 26 court date after being held on $100,000 bail following his arrest this past Friday.  Tap in here to read more on this story.


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