AMY PASCAL, Woman in Receipt of ANGELINA JOLIE’s ‘Death Stare’ Steps Down As SONY CHAIR


If you don’t know the back story about Amy Pascal it goes like this.Angelina Jolie, Amy Pascal

Outside of the professional dealings at Sony, during her downtime, on company time and whenever, Pascal and a few other Sony execs engaged in two-faced kinds of activity where [obviously they treated the celebrities on their rosters with the utmost respect] but behind the networkings of the computer, engaged in email conversations where it was found (after a hacking scandal), Pascal said some not-so-nice things about Jolie and others.

Well. Whadaya know. You know how it goes…that chick that crapped on you and talked you into a mudhole had to finally show her dirty face to you.

At an industry Women’s Empowerment Luncheon that occurred just days after the insults were passed around and the offended celebs were in the know about what the people above the stairs really thought of them, all shell broke loose.

This pic of Angelina Jolie with Pascal was captured at the luncheon and as you can tell, if looks could kill…

It was painfully obvious that Angelina did not want to be the girl interrupted for cheek to cheek greets, hugs and small-talk. These pixels captured all that probably went not so well with this face-to-face.

Well since then, more is reportedly going on with Sony and these leaks, but Pascal is cutting out of there asap.



Embattled Sony studio chief Amy Pascal is stepping down from her role after enduring a long winter at the center of a firestorm over the Internet hack on Sony’samy-pascal_sony chair infrastructure.

Pascal, 56, has been one of Hollywood’slongest running studio chiefs and has been known for being an ally for creative talent on the lot. But her willingness to work closely with filmmakers became problematic this past year as Seth Rogen’s North Korean assassination movie The Interview neared its Christmas release date. Nefarious forces—whether there were links to North Korea or not has yet to be determined—objected to the film’s depiction of the assassination of the country’s leader Kim Jong Un, and a full-blown hack on Sony’s computer systems followed. Pascal’s acquiescence to Rogen and producing partner Evan Goldberg’s demand that the subject of the assassination be the actual sitting ruler of North Korea, Kim Jong Un, may have been linked, then, to the release of thousands of Sony employees’ personal information including Social Security numbers and salaries plus a slew of confidential emails between studio executives—some of which were particularly damning to Pascal and her reputation.

Now the executive, who has been with the studio since 1988, will (cont’d)

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