Oscars 2017 – Jimmy Kimmel’s ‘How To’ Guide: From Copper & Wooden Nickels to The Gold + Oscars Noms List !


For the first time ever, the king of comedy irony will be hosting tonight’s Academy Awards show and thus [far as we can see]; he has his work cut out for him:



Starting from the bottom of the humble beginnings of picking up copper and wooden nickels off restaurant tables, although Jimmy Kimmel can indeed tell you how to end up on the Oscar stage picking up golden statues



… despite daily, late night proof that he was (indeed) cut out for the job,  unfortunately, there was no guide to teach him just how one moves from comedy, to hosting a successful, nightly talk show for an hour—to (NOW) running an annual, Hollywood, ceremonial, live, star-packed, shin dig for a full 4 hours!


Well. Despite all (and Morgan) Jimmy is preparing, pep talking and pushing through



Jimmy isn’t the only one at the edge of his seat, many of your favorite actors of your favorite movies are wondering if they are moving from noms to winners and tonight, we’ll find out.

Tap in to Other Side of the Fame’s sister site  (Tori Spilling) to find out who made the list!

Author: Angela Sherice