OPRAH’s Favorite Thing: Buying Her Younger Sister a Home + Putting Her Through School

oprah-and-sisterThere’s a saying that goes: “Charity starts at home, then spreads abroad.”

Well, for years at Oprah nationality syndicated home, Oprah has given away everything from petal to post and although that chapter of her life has come to an end-her generosity has not. If you remember (on her show about three years ago) she surprised the world when she introduced her newfound half-sister (Patricia Lofton) having called it: “The greatest surprise of [her] life.” And on her current show, Oprah’s Next Chapter on OWN; she has expressed that Lofton “has been just a remarkable human being.”

Both women share the same mother: Vernita Lee.

Well, Oprah may be generously gregarious about her favorite things, Angel Network, and other surprise giveaways but secretly, she has been aiding that younger sister of hers in the greatest, grand, and generous way: Paying for her education, and recently just bought her a new half-million dollar home in Wisconsin.

Lofton, who is nine years younger than Winfrey had a life-long dream of going to college and becoming a social worker-Oprah wanted to support that dream. If you know of Oprah, you already know that she champions education, so I can see where that was right up her alley.

Winfrey is happy to have Lofton in her life who, although she and Oprah are half-sisters, came into her life not expecting anything. Oprah expressed (on OWN) “to be in a relationship with somebody who actually didn’t want anything-but was there to be supportive of me…So, it’s been really great. Really great.”



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