{On the Tube} MAY SWEEPS: Has Your Favorite Show Been Exhalted or Axed?

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 Happens four times a year (February, May, July, November) this thing in television called “Sweeps” where the periods when advertising rates are set based on the ratings received by programs shown at that time. The television networks up the anty and powers up its big guns to gather an audience large as possible for its shows in order to maximize its revenues for the coming quarter.

‘Tis the month in television called “May Sweeps” and ABC announced its May Sweeps programming, click here for their full list.

As well, [during May sweeps] a lot of picking up, reordering and dropping of shows happen in preparation [of/for maximizing its revenues for the coming quarter].

The axed and exhalted list (thus far) is prepared, check to see if your fave will be returning by clicking here .



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