Oh What a Joy! JOY BEHAR Returns To THE VIEW Along With PAULA FARIS & CANDACE CAMERON + Why JOY Is What’s Been Missing

Nothing exceeds or fulfills a need like necessity. And thank God I held my pen just yesterday [after the spit in the cup incident being one too many] because my radar of sneaky suspicion started to go up for a second. Let me be honest here as, every week it seemed liked something off the wall was happening on The View-scratching at getting our attention—to stay glued and tuned to view [it].

Then in walks MY GIRL to save the day! The missing piece: Joy Behar (who I refer to as “Joy No Holds Barred”).

It’s like this.the-view

I know the front and back end of show business and be it the business of beats, the boob tube (or blogs)…there’s only so much fronting, publicity stunting (or praise for marketing)…you can do to camouflage what is and what’s not really going on….

At the end of the day it’s going to always fall back to the need for the end result:

That work! That said, you can’t put “the jerk” on to substitute and camouflage the work. At some point you’ve got to devise a plan—that works (really)…

In walks ‘Joy No Hold Barred’—with that work.

If you keep up with me, then you know that I L.O.V.E me some damned Joy Behar. Let the sun shine in!

Why do I like her and have been so blue since she left The View? Read on:

  • She has nothing to hide
  • Her humor makes her not take herself so seriously-even if a subject on the table is serious and requires serious dialogue and Joy is giving serious dialogue about it (wait…did that come out right?). Hey-that’s Joy Behar…she can do that: superbly.
  • She’s quick-witted, thought provoking  and unpredictable. You don’t know WHAT may fly out of Joy Behar’s mouth! LoL.
  • —–>HER ATYPICAL ANOMALY: I typically do not like watching celebrity interviews-I almost cringe. I trust confessional interviews in a celeb documentary over watching a celebrity interview because (I guess-like I would be thinking while in an interview for a job: “Okay. I’m here–all buttoned up and playing along with the formalities but simply trying to get through the red tape and to the money“)…so my thinking is [that] celeb interviews are a matter of that celeb wanting to wing those questions (that are typically rehearsed and redundant) and a matter of them wanting to get done, promoted, and go home. Although I understand that,  Joy has an eye for a celeb (or any guest) just “winging” a question…She will stop and ask: “So why do you say that [or] feel that [or] think that, though.” That’s a rarity in talk show interviewing. Most people let celebrity’s interview statements fly by and move right to the next (without questioning whatever they stated). If Joy SINCERELY has a question about an answer–she will ask it. LOL. I’ve seen many-a-celeb stumble with Joy.  WARNING: If you do not wish to be probed on The View, come on a day when Joy Behar is off! LoL.
  • She is unabashed and unashamed (and has even been ‘shamed’ mid show and it’ll still roll off her back—without a petty argument, eye roll or bad energy for the rest of the show. The next subject, whatever happened it totally forgotten. And the subject that’s up to bat gets her full, personal truth and attention)
  • She’s not vindictive or biased…her point of view is what it is whether she likes the person or the subject (or not), what she says always either makes:
    •  rational sense
    • is perfectly logical
    • (or simply funny)

If it ‘seems’ negative or mean-my humble opinion is that it’s simply a matter of your not being able to handle [the relative] truth. (If I worked for/with Joy and was told a story that-even if I wasn’t even there to witness-I was told she was being catty, petty, mean or negative; I’d simply say: “You just couldn’t handle her relative truth. Joy speaks: facts, rationale, logic, or being funny/humorous-that’s it. She’s not even sarcastic. Most sarcasm is a cowardice. Joy is not a social coward or a catty, or petty woman. When the debate or conversation is done, (regardless whatever happened) she has the ability to talk to you again as if nothing cryptic ever happened (so as to not disrupt the flow of the show). It’s a skill.

I’ve seen that with Joy-and very few people can master that (personal or business).

  • Her points of views and opinions are NOT clouded by any particular religious (or even spiritual) buffers. When people on talk shows, or in simple life conversations are “chained” under the guise of spirituality, religion, or any fear of political or social backlash stemming from their points of views; I kinda put my third eye on them because I KNOW for sure that by the end of the day, there will be something in favor of their own personal experience, need, or life that they will react to that isn’t so godly, spiritual, politically correct or socially popular. So in my opinion: “Let the sh/it out now. ‘Cause it’s coming verbally or demonstrative later-I assure you. The only difference: no one may be watching you.”

Joy’s talk show talk is not to “perform” and chase being liked necessarily, so she’s able to be a natural whose point of view can be ENTIRELY trusted.

  • Despite her age (72), she’s still young, ripe and fresh POV’d…If she’s ignorant about a subject or person-she will admit it (rather than try to ‘wing it’ or sit behind any buffers to state her case, or wiggle out of it). I love her for that.


Bottom line: I thoroughly trust Joy and her point of view and The View has been missing her necessary point of view and I am SO elated that she is coming back.

I’ve been following you Joy Behar! Now PUT those comedy shows on hold and get back to being the glue of The View. We (people like me) love you!




That being the case, we can’t leave the other girls and ladies out as, what makes a show like that is that everybody is NOT like Joy.

In ones PERSONAL life (mine-I should say), I cannot function or friend people who have conversational agendas opposite all those bullet points. I absolutely, positively cannot function around unreal people, and groups of people (in case you haven’t noticed).

I’m too sincere, genuine and real for this new life-hence why I blog [in this new life] and in my personal life: carefully selective and choose my surroundings, unapologetically.

As humorous and silly and funny as I naturally am, when serious sh/it requires real dialogue and/or SINCERITY is up to bat…If I find someone is talking from behind buffers, to be liked, or cowardice, or fear; I just throw them and anything they have to say or talk about in a lake of fire. I just don’t even trust them, because people grow from sincerity and truth-(good or bad). Growth is stunted on so many important levels and healthy dialogue or conversation cannot be had from fakery, insincerity and lies simply because one or the other has something to gain (or feel they have to lose). That’s dangerous to me.

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But in the business of show business, there is a place at the table for people unlike Joy and THAT is what makes up The View. I love’em all for that: being who each are individually (whether I agree or disagree).

Because even as much as I love Joy, when it comes to entertainment (even via a talk show about sometimes serious subjects and issues); I could not handle a table full of Joy Behars any more than I can handle a table full of talk show types [opposite those bullet points].

It’s ON! And I’m excited!

What a Joy!

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With Rosie Perez leaving, Joy Behar will being joining (season 19 of The View) sitting in with: Whoopi Goldberg, Michelle Collins, Raven-Symoné  and newcomers Candace Cameron Bure and Paula Faris… (rememeber those two-Candace and Raven’s lil’ quick diss and miss when Candace stopped by to visit)? LoL.

Tap in below:


“No honey. I’m famous!”  ↑ -Whoopi Goldberg (LOLOLOL) Amen Whoopi! LoLoL




“Just when I thought I was out, they pulled me back in. Plus, my husband (Steve) was getting tired of applauding every time I gave my opinion. But I’m happy to be back home. And I’m looking forward to sticking my two cents into the hot topics, especially now that Hillary and the Donald are in the spotlight.” –Joy Behar

“I am thrilled to be joining ‘The View’ as a regular co-host this fall. I am honored to be a new addition to such a strong group of bright and opinionated women, and I look forward to sharing this exciting journey with viewers new and old.” -Candace Cameron

“I’m humbled and excited to have not one, but two dream jobs — ‘Good Morning America’ and ‘The View.’ What I love about the ‘The View’ is that no topic is off the table and every viewer can feel like they have a voice on the show. I can’t wait to connect with the audience in a new way as I take a seat alongside this exceptional group of women.” -Paula Faris


The new season of “The View” premieres Sept. 8!

Here’s more Joy. Get ready!

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