The Official OSFMag MET GALA 2017 Review! (TBC and filed)

As you know, OSFMag loves fashion and style analytics and we would be remised to not review the BIGGEST night in industry fashion!

Fashion is Communication

All was abuzz this weekend where fashion meets entertainment at the annual, Met Gala: a (literally) exclusive costume soiree and industry shin dig hosted by Vogue Magazine’s vertebrae Anna Wintour.

Starting with the list of who wasn’t there, who was there, solo, with whom (and who switched up with new boos while old boo’s were there), and last (but certainly not least) who returned; it was hard do dish out a “best dressed” as, I was sure that the very first girl my pupils laid eyes on took that crown when I saw Inspector Gadget turn glam covering heel gams.


I was stunned-and im-medi-ately yelled: “Whoever Priyanka Chopra is ‘inspecting,’ investigating, and in search of has CERTAINLY been captured and getting wiped cross the floor underneath that AMAZING (khaki) cloak’s train.

I was busy and totally closed my tablet and ascertained that anybody walking the red carpet was trapped beneath her khaki in search of air.

But along came Solange Knowles who, like my being in awe that khaki material could behave like sequin, beaded, taffeta, silk, or satin; ALSO defied the laws of fashion material physics by showing up in EFFING bubble-coat glam—with a train!

When it comes down to this style thing, Solange is not playing with you sonsers.

Cloak and Dagger Dag Her…because how dare she–the BOTH of them change the style game like such!

I was outdone by these two women who get OSFMag’s Defying the Laws Fashion Material award but being draped in the UN EFFING IMAGINABLE!

That’s just ONE of the EXCITING awards OSFMag is handing out! So stay tuned. We are caught up in the rapture of life and business but my heart’s been pumping kool aid to get on this!

In the meantime, the countdown is ON to see who, from the shin dig, will make the traditional, honorary, Met Gala edition Vogue cover + counting down of the cancellation of Ellen Degeneres’ notorious Oscar selfie-which, for a while now, has held the ranks as the most liked selfie.


Our girl Kylie Jenner is looking to take that title by (first) defying the laws of the party’s “no selfie rule” by making a unisex restroom of multi-star power-all hiding out behind the closed quarters of the commode room away from getting caught.

Well that selfie is giving Ellen’s a run for its money and on its way to taking the ranks!

Stay tuned for photo of  the rest of OSFMag’s list and review!

WE. ARE. NOT. DONE! Check back.

We’ve got the best headress, tresses, red carpet moments, meme material, best style switch up and breakthrough and more!



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Author: Angela Sherice