O.J. SIMPSON Charged: For Back Due Water Bill Used to Wash His Hands Clean

Although O.J Simpson is far from the lifestyle he had grown accustomed to living and exchange his Brentwood (California) home for the cold bars of a the Gray-Bar Motel, Apartment Unit: #Florida Jail Cell; he’s still not far removed from being pardoned of paying his bills like the rest of us [law-biding citizens].

download (8) Despite his Florida home being auctioned off last October, the state of Florida Sewage and Water wanted to make its presence known and to say that in the State, use of its services still had to be paid for whether you’re still alive and knife wielding, trophy stealing [or making license plates].

download (7) Well back then it didn’t “fit” so [we must] acquit, but Florida State Sewage and Water aint bowing out this dripping riddle so quickly. According to reports, The Juice still owed a whopping $457.33 when the home was auctioned off. Reportedly, the balance is subject to an 8% annual-interest penalty.

Although he may be paroled sooner, O.J. is in the middle of serving a 28-year sentence and according to those time and numbers, the math shows that 8% on a $457.33 balance could end up being a new bill balance of around $4000 [in 28 years].

download (9) We’re almost positive that at 94 years-old in the next 28 years, a back due water bill would probably be the last thing on and aging O.J. Simpson’s mind But the fact of the matter is, Florida Sewage and Water company obviously wants to be there to bill him for the element he used long ago [although another state], helped him wash his hands clean of being and ever having served time for.

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