Nothing From Test Can Keep Them From It: Despite Circumstances & Popular Belief, Education Is Still Important To These Two Women

Contrary to social media fame-angsty shenanigans and belief, education is still a top priority to many-whether you are in labor, or babysitter-less: nothing from test can keep you from it.

Regardless of how little (nowadays) we hear about people being interested in careers and futures with “dreams” above and beyond what’s trite, typical and best suited for squares on Instagram and for attention over well-rounded, intention; education is still the focus of many people’s attention.

With a 3.6 GPA at stake12219570_10153188917676643_8892702011278252066_n, last month, a Macon Georgia woman refused to let even nature taking its course standing in the way of passing a college course. So on Thursday, November 12 while in labor at tyler eliseColiseum Medical Center, Tommitrise Collins decided that rather than lay there for hours to bare and take the pain of childbirth happening, she thought it best to make use of the time. So while enduring as much pain as she could before the thought of and epidural, the persistent woman took her online college psychology exam and the only day that it could be taken. So after 4-5 hours of laying there enduring the pain, she thought of a plan: Go on and take the test now so that she could enjoy her newborn later: Either way, somehow, someway, on that day-the test of her will was challenged by the pain of now or the greater, later.

So with contractions 3 minutes apart, Collins takes the 2 hour exam in 1 hour and 30 minutes during the 20 hours of labor she endured to (at 9:19 p.m.) deliver 7lb 10oz Tyler tommitrise-collins-and tyler eliseElise who, in December 2016 will be there to witness her mommy graduate. A GoFundMe account has been set up to help the single mom cover college expenses while caring for her baby.



Meanwhile, exactly one month later, University of Louisville professor Daniel Krebs got himself caught into an unexpected baby sitting situation-with one of his student’s little critters crawling all over him while mom took her finals.

Although admittedly out of his element, Krebs took over 28 year-old ROTC student and single mother Monica Willard’s responsibilities by doing [what he referred to] as the “common sense” thing to do: watch over her two kids Marcus, 4,  and Mikaya, 5,  while she sat quietly trying to take her exam-unlike the way she was able to before Krebs intervened.

“The class didn’t know they were there until Marcus came banging on the door,” said mom. “Dr. Krebs said, ‘Don’t worry. Go take your test. I’ve got them.'”

Willard was surprised by Krebs’ spontaneous act of kindness although Krebs feels that doing the common sense thing is not all that “impressive.”

He told ABC: “A person like Monica, she’s a non-commissioned officer going to school, she’s a mom of two kids. I mean that’s the kind of thing that’s really impressive. Me handling her kids for 40, 45 minutes, that’s not impressive.”

After Monica stepped out her kids, she noticed something worthy of a ‘Kodak’ moment: Krebs looking more in his element than he gave himself credit for (and her kids definitely in theirs): Climbing all over the poor guy!

Not wanting to let the moment go away, Willard commandeered friend and fellow test-taker Victoria Henry’s phone and snapped the photo of the playful scene.



Krebs said, about the kids: “The little boy knew the names of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and he’s yelling out these Italian names. I didn’t know who he was talking about. And the girl climbed on my shoulders and pulled my hair. But, apparently, I was so distracted that I didn’t know people were taking photos of me!”

“They didn’t want to leave. They really just had a lot of fun. They want to come back to class with me.”

Victoria noted: “A lot of professors just aren’t as caring as Dr. Krebs is. Since military history is such a small class at U of L, he really got to know us on a personal level so we built that relationship with him outside of class.”

Willard said her kids are now big fans of the ROTC professor.

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