No Bad News: MARY J. BLIGE Getting Ready & Set To Play “Evillene” On Live Local TV + Will “MY LIFE” Turn To Broadway Musical Stage Play?

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Once bitten, twice high is an understatement considering the fact that Mary J. Blige has been bitten by the Broadway bug two times: 1st currently rehearsing and starring in the dream role of a lifetime and possibly bringing “My Life” to life.Mary-J-Blige

“It’s always been something that we dreamed of being a part of. We all wanted to be standing next to Michael Jackson as Dorothy or even playing Evillene or just being Auntie Em! We just always wanted to be a part of it, and it’s something we [now] get to share with generations — new generations that probably don’t even know anything about The Wiz. We get to share real music and real songs, and we get to show them what it is that we grew up on and inspire them to want to do it as well.”

As we told yous, the R&B Queen of Hip Hop Soul is gearing up for her big role as Don’t Nobody Bring Me No Bad News’ “Evillene” in NBC’s Broadway musical: “The Wiz” slated to air on NBC December 3.mary baddiie

“I’m going to keep it classic and keep it close to what it is, but I’m going to definitely bring some ‘Mary J. Blige’ to the song — and some ‘Mary J. Blige‘ attitude to Evillene,” she says. “I love the song, so I’ll be able to really turn it into something that’s me, but I don’t want to take it so far away from what I love so much about the song because I think so many people love the same things that I love.”

“There’s too much pressure-this is NBC live. This is not taped, so I will have to be on my A, A, A, A game, and I will have to study… I have to be the witch, for real!”

mary-j-blige-wiz-2-edMary also has high (and foreseeable) hopes on possibly getting one of her albums set to a Broadway musical to tell her story on stage in a different form than Blige’s norm. “I definitely want to see the Mary J. Blige story — or just one of the album cycles — on Broadway. To just have one of those albums, turns or times on Broadway would be crazy!”

Like, with countless musical collabos and 11 studio albums-beginning with the first two that introduced Mary to the world and enabled her core fan base to

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