NICKI MINAJ: The Backlashing of the Big Barebottom Barbie

The baring of Nicki’s back-end backfired on her.

As you all know, a few days ago (in support of her album cover art for her single “Anaconda” due out July 28), Nicki Minaj was read the riot act-all across Internet pixels for appearing [basically unclothed] with her buttocks in full view-taking over the picture backed by nothing white background that because of, all eyes were on it [her bottom].

Nicki struck back though, and made some very valid points (with pics to prove her point I might add):


Accceptable” -Nicki Minaj








Acceptable” -Nicki Minaj








Acceptable” -Nicki Minaj








Angelic. Acceptible. LoL” -Nicki Minaj







Nicki_Anaconda_Nicki Album Cover Art _OTHER SIDE OF THE FAME

Unacceptable” -Nicki Minaj



Her fan support even chimed in.








But Let’s Kick The Ballistics Here:


Although they can chose to rebel against it brazenly like Nicki did (this first/one time in her six-year mainstream career span), or “tastefully” (like some of her critics say she should have opted to); black women must learn or have it reiterated, these things (where mainstream/Western Civilization America is concerned):

1. Like it or not, your bottom is never going to be publicly praised, promoted, or revered by mainstream/Western Civilization America  as art (or “cover art”). It’s all going to be left up to be audienced + publicly revered by groups of “uneducated,” “over/hypersexed” heathens who lead the repercussions of irresponsible sex and sexuality. Nothing more, nothing less.

Publicly, mainstream/Western Civilization America does not want to be involved in hyping that (or black sexuality/sensuality as “art”). It  never has and never will make ANY apologies about the double-standard (no matter HOW accepted your name, or your brand ever becomes in to the mainstream). The moment you show your ass (literally) is where mainstream/Western Civilization America draws the line.

Take a look at the 1999/2000 J-Lo big booty explosion. (Although we have yet to see J-Lo’s bare bottom like Nicki’s) the point is-it was as if that was the very first time mainstream/Western Civilization America had ever seen a big booty on a woman, when black women celeb (and non-celeb) have been lugging around big booties for years: historically seen as a freakshow (Sarah Baartman), modernized (pre J-Lo) as “disgusting,” and pop culture publicized and revered as started by J-Lo. No offense to J-Lo, it’s not her fault that [big booty] was “chosen” (by mainstream/Western Civilization America) therefore, it eventually became publicly: accepted, revered, celebrated, praised, and publicized as just as much apart of her celebrity as “J-Lo” was chosen and canceled out “Jennifer Lopez.” THAT EASILY.

It’s A Different Set of “Rules” For the Black Woman/Women of Color in Mainstream/Western Civilization America

download (2)2. Where hypersexuality is concerned, it’s no different than mainstream/Western Civilization America (and even black America) revering pink color hair on anybody other than a black woman as [it being] “creative,” or “trendy,” whereas a black woman coloring her hair pink is “ghetto” (even by judgment of other black people I might add). It’s a mindset–inherited since oppressive days in time that’s merely trickled down and masked today (somewhat). But that mindset never has, and never will change (even among black on black people-I might add). The thought about it is almost as inherently indifferent as cornrows and braids are ignored as being the typical norm on black women (even offensive in some professional settings)-but a fashion statement otherwise.

AGAIN, I’LL REPEAT: It’s A Different Set of “Rules” For the Black Woman/Women of Color in Mainstream/Western Civilization America

3. Where hypersexuality is concerned, in mainstream/Western Civilization America, you’re not going to make an “inadvertent” “unintentional” (or even an intentional) sex tape and think you and your career are going to take off and be a household name like Kim Kardashian [did and is]. Mainstream/Western Civilization America will never revere black sex as art, or film [or unintentional or intentional] enough that it will allow you to go from the pornography that it sees it as; to it having catapulted your career into a G rated brand that’s household name enough to be spoken out of a ten year old’s mouth without scorn, scold or repercussion. No. Ever. Ever…

I’LL SAY IT AGAIN: It’s A Different Set of “Rules” For the Black Woman/Women of Color in Mainstream/Western Civilization America

4. Where hypersexuality is concerned, it’s no different than mainstream/Western Civilization America (and even black America) revering a categorically mainstream book about the sexual fetishes and experiences of a powerful man and his submissive, and it become not only a three-digit week NYT best seller; but brought to big screen (without incident).

Whether it be on the big screen, or prime time television mainstream/Western Civilization America will never accept such a book and turn in to a movie and revere, celebrate, praise, and publicize it as such-both black.

“Black” ‘aint “allowed” to have a premise like such.

“Black” ‘aint “allowed” to have torrid love affairs, and animalistic, or sexually deviate situations in movie or print and it be deemed “art” or film; it’s automatically critiqued (or ignored) down to cutting room floor and dismissed as pornography.

It (books like “Fifty Shades of Grey”) was “chosen” by mainstream/Western Civilization America therefore, it eventually became publicly: accepted, revered, celebrated, praised, and publicized without incident-and as cool and easy if that book & movie (centered around S & M situations) was merely a G-rated Mary Poppins remake.


download (1)

So now.

In scrolling back up to Nicki’s point, proof and pics, do you see why the likes of Nicki’s can’t their bare your bottoms like the other women in her picture examples can?

Nicki Minaj taking a bare bottom photo in full view of her buttocks is nothing new on this Internet anymore than this bare-ass Internet photo she took beginning with her.

This did not start with “Nicki Minaj.”

Desperately seeking attention and the lucky draw, practically every third female (even some celebs but especially non-celebs) is on the Internet out here losing her mind-changing avi’s like the flipping of a 54-stack of cards and/or twerking on Instagram fully clothed and barely dressed (JUST like Nicki Minaj) but trying to act like it’s innocent and all in fun, promoting nothing but self-degradation and setting self-respecting women years back.

Yet Nicki’s at least promoting at CD whose “artwork” is no less offensive than what the majority serving up the backlash are themselves subscribing to, watching, supporting, circulating, paying, and helping full-on fruitless careers flourish [from].

But in one day, Nicki Minaj is made the heavy and fall girl.

I don’t get that.

Don’t nudge me in support of joining hands and Kumbaya with you in support of clowning that girl for baring her bare bottom, when somewhere online elsewhere, the same ones offering the backlash are on record (of check marks, views, and scribe) visibility supporting the same type of thing that they are blasting her for, on someone else’s Instagram, blog, Twitter, Facebook—or even on their very own social media pages.

1_WhatsTrending_OSFOn my blog (the right side underneath the “Top 10 Trending”) sitting there, there’s always 1-10 of my near 600 blogs that I’ve already written since our birth date (November 2013). Those 1-10 celeb blogs tell me who (online) is being Googled and talked about at any given time (it changes countless times per day). If whoever is being Googled–has a blog on my site, it will show in those 1-10 spaces (because the search engine made the link to their blog here on my site visibly atop/in close view their search). Off all celebs, art, film, scandals and everything else I blog about on here, guess which one has been riding the top since April 2014?:

A reality show couples celebrity sex tape.

You know what that tells me: It tells me what you…are circulating, talking about, and/or buying-whether you publicly acknowledge it or admit it (or not), but as long as I kept the blog on my blog site, I…was “promoting” it-whether I wanted to (or not). I’m not paid to help promote and circulate some reality stars’ sex tape, so I did something I never had to do because of a consistent high trend: take it down–after it being at the top spot on my site for four whole months. I’m not knocking their hustle, but too (the point is), it says a lot about what people are breathing life into-daily.

Nicki Minaj StoryAs pop culture history would have it (back in message board days-before the Twitter’s, meme’s, Instagram’s and Facebooks) even Nicki’s (alleged) rival Lil’ Kim went through the same comparisons: Having Lauryn Hill used against her by comparison–as the epitome of what a female rapper should be and how she should present herself.








images (6)images (8)images (7)When the truth is, I have YET to see a woman (that looks like Lauryn): Beautiful black skin, black, natural, nappy-head and with a modest bottom being circulated around this Internet the way that very same photo of Nicki’s (that’s being shot down), is circulated and revered. Miss me with that.

So don’t go Lauryn Hill’ing me down with your Photoshop remixes of the conscious rapper’s CD cover while trying to convince me that somehow, one bare bottom picture of another good rapper in her own right means she’s (now all of a sudden) nothing but brainless and simply bare-bottomed [by comparison to Lauryn Hill] when the truth is, if Lauryn Hill was out in the mainstream with her beautiful, black, fully-clothed, conscious-rapping and singing self—y’all would not be trying to hear her in 2014 as yous did in 2000.

images (1)Stop fronting (literally).

Stop using self-righteousness as a front for poignant Internet commentary and points, when in the back, full careers are being had off your circulating, accepting, revering, celebrating, praising, and publicizing everything that Nicki is being condemned for doing in one day’s picture sitting (squatting)–doing the “mainstream” thing, that those very same critics and hecklers breathe life into and assist in provided livings for.



Speaking of copping squads, the mainstream thing (and Lauryn Hill, by the way):

Lauryn Hill Grammys in HandThe very moment Lauryn Hill sits on somebody’s couch and satisfied mainstream media’s curiosity about why, and what happened while she went away so long amid the height of her success-she’d be done for. Once Lauryn Hill started playing around with y’all on Twitter and Instagram diluting her pre-Internet celebrity mystery + talent, she’s either going to have to join the Nicki’s, or roll back into oblivion—this time…by force (rather than by choice). Even she knows that-I’m more than sure…

The MisEducation of Lauryn Hill Album Cover OTHER SIDE OF THE FAMELauryn Hill wouldn’t last in mainstream 2014 without at least one risque shot (riskier than the cleavage bearing one above–taken in 2000-right before she bowed out of the industry I might add). Lauryn Hill wouldn’t last in maintstream 2014 without countless squares of Instagram shenanigans and fake-oblivious pretentiousness (or publicity stunts) past 2 weeks of new album hype. I’m sure even she knows that, too.

That girl is smart. Even she knows what she’s doing is the safest route: Booking her own shows, staying off of record company paperwork, and staying out and away from the mainstream hoopla and entertaining people’s boredom-all the while still making her way around the world.

Leave Lauryn Hill out of this.

Don’t shun one for what she’s either forced, or suggested, or chose to do (for the mainstream), and compare her to the other who elected to not do some things (for the mainstream). You want to compare them? Compare them to the ONE FACT (above all, and at the end of the day): They both have NO competition in their own right.


Lauryn’s in a league all her own-competing for, and with no one as is Nicki who too-(regardless the pic)-at this very moment in time and the game; has no competition either.

Think you’re smart? Well Photoshop this:

If you want to compare anything, pay attention and compare to Lauryn’s creative strategy and blueprint of how she’s brilliantly doing things her way-staying out of the way of our great big domino-like following mainstream circus of a world right now.

Less the Brazillian weaves, butts shots and boob jobs; she’s “turning up” a different kind of way: With the deaf ear turn-up (full blast) on industry soul-selling and politics, Internet pressures of “power-coupling,” like and follower chasing, and “current situation displaying” in exchange for her artistry. She’s chosen not to give in to all that buffoonery, imagery, and illusion—keeping it strictly about her talent, her craft, and the love for what she does. Period. And it’s working, swell. She stays on the road, sharing only one thing [with the world she’s chosen not to be apart of]: “grinding.”

That’s it. The rest, y’all can keep.

Lauryn Hill is brilliantly, strategically, letting her life imitate her art, and methodically handing us all The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill Part II:


…meticulously and purposely avoiding the mainstream while still managing to remain “relevant”–pants on, zero social media shenanigans, and pimping her life out for the Internet’s entertainment in order to be who she is, make her living, and stay “relevant.” For that alone, she will always be SIGNIFICANT (without incident, or her mind, soul, or her body’s compromise).

Let that permeate, educate, and be the slant you circulate.

NICKI MINAJ LAURYN HILL OTEHR SIDE OF THE FAMEMeanwhile, let Nicki do Nicki and leave Lauryn to doing Lauryn.

And in the words of Lauryn Hill herself: “Doo Wap (That Thing).”

Just a little other side of that Missed Education that Ang from Other Side from Fame had to give to yous about the other side of fame (literally).

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