NICKI MINAJ Slams CBS For Slight During Her Set at FASHION ROCKS


Airing on CBS, Fashion Rocks is a star-studded event that honors the marriage of fashion to music-and just like on awards shows nights; many of your favorite artists show up to perform live on stage in front of the world on local television.

Well unlike syndicated or cable television (whose rules are governed by a different set of regulations than that of local television), there are some things you will see on cable television that by no uncertain terms, you will not see on your local television channels (like CBS).

nicki_fashion_rocks_428_293Take for instance Nicki Minaj.

Straight off the heels of her controversial Anaconda single’s cover and given her performances at this years VMAs; CBS was not taking any chances on anybody taking any pages out of the book of Nipplegate at this years Fashion Rocks-despite the world being under a 3 second delay still, (as a result of).

Although JLO brought her “Booty” up on stage to perform, snake eyes were on Nicki Minaj and her “Anaconda.”

NICKI MINAJ FASHION ROCK SEPTEMBER 2014_OTHERSIDEOFTHEFAMESeptember 9 at New York’s Barclay’s Center, the show aired, and while Nicki performed, the focus was put mostly on the audience (versus Nicki). Nicki took to social media to blast the network about the slight, claiming they cut out parts she wanted her fans to see.



She also posted:

My darlingz, I wish you could’ve seen the choreography on the 2nd verse of ANACONDA last night. It was absolutely divine. CBS decided not to show it. Had they told us this before, we would have changed the choreo so that you guys could see the full performance from beginning to end. They already had you tuned in tho. Artists spend so much of their own money, time and passion to deliver their fans great performances. But ultimately, our art usually falls into the hands of people who care nothing about our art and creativity. Promise you’ll get to see this new choreo soon.

Here’s a look at her performance:

Other performers included: Victor Cruz (who was booed), Jennifer Hudson, Justin Bieber, Rita Ora and more.

I’m more than sure that (the television viewing audience) didn’t get to see parts of Nicki’s performance even as shown in this photo gallery-but never your worry Barbs, we got you!

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