Nick Gordon Wishes All A Merry Xmas…(w/a Pic of He & The Deceased) BOBBI KRISTINA

If this be true, Nick Gordon just upped the anty of his creep factor.

But before I elaborate on that, let me say this.


If you go public about having been HIV positive while having unprotected sex with a woman who at the time was your girlfriend but did’t tell her and she’s so terrified and publicly angry (not to mentioned scared) therefore, proceeds to sue you, you don’t have permission to respond, lash out and counter sue. Dude…you kept a diagnosis of a deadly virus a secret. Sit down! Saddowwwwwwwwwwn! The nerve of you!

If you are all on social media exposed for having hi-jacked millions of poor customer’s money for nearly 30 days after them having not eaten in days, unable to by pampers for their kids, gas to get to work, warrants out for their arrests for child support and all other kinds of financial Armageddon’s having happened in their lives…dude, you don’t GET to step out on social media “asking permission” to hang out for Halloween—after tricking all your debit card customers out of their monies. Sit down! Saddowwwwwwwwwwn! The nerve of you!

If you are accused of raping over 40 women under date drugs but on record for definitely having done it to one (for sure), until you have been exonerated and put all your anger and frustration

on proving them all wrong/it be proven they all were liars, you don’t HAVE the right to counter sue a hand picked select 7 for defamation of character. Dude…until you’ve exhausted all efforts to clear your name by proving all the women wrong…Sit down! Sadownnnnnnnnnnnn! The nerve of you! Counter suing a few won’t change the facts about the one (or 40+ women). WTH!

Lastly, if you’ve been accused of ending the life of a young woman via a concoction of drugs that ultimately lead to a 6 month life support stint 2f39f24f857d3096e5fa7c4b0ed623b5followed by don’t GET to mourn for her in public. You don’t HAVE permission to send the world a Christmas card of an old pic of you and the deceased with Photo Shopped Christmas hats on…as IF! Dude…you’re the free-walking accuser smack dead in the middle of a $40 million dollar civil suit. Just because you are walking the streets scot-free and not charged with murder doesn’t mean the world’s going to play into your first “lonely” Christmas without the deceased.

Well, if the pictures making their way around the Internet be true as having come from Nick Gordon, that’s exactly what he did.NG and BK christmas card

Reportedly, the card was posted on to his (now—yet again) private Twitter account with no caption about missing her even—nothing but the sat hats Photoshopped atop the heads of he and Bobbi Kristina with the words “Merry Christmas” yesterday.

Understanding that everybody grieves differently and while the strange act may be grief from his eye view, the fact of the matter is: the 3rd eye is not taken off him as being the person behind her death so, sharing such an oddity with the world is not going to be well received by a man accused of drowning a woman discovered face down in the bath tub of her Atlanta Home at the top of the year (this year-January 31 2015).

Obviously, having yet to be proven NOT guilty, such an act is not going to be held in the highest of empathetic regard but rather, the lowest of low.

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