NICK GORDON Lawyers Up: Hires Council That Won Casey Anthony’s Case + Investigator in NATALEE HOLLOWAY Aruba Missing Persons Case

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“Some assembly required” is an understatement when considering the assembling Nick Gordon is doing these days.


With the cameras lens of paps and photogs following his every move since his move to Florida (while Bobbi Kristina’s lifeless body was moved to hospice care as a result of the comas she’s been in since January 31 after being found unresponsive in a bath tub), Nick Gordon has obviously gotten word that the family and legal team of Bobbi Kristina is charging up-so he is lawyering up.


“Charging up” in that his days are as numbered as Bobbi Kristina’s as, it is being reported that should she die while in hospice, Gordon (who the family has suspected as being responsible for the incident all along), will indeed be brought up on charges for her murder (and in addition to charges of emotional, mental and physical damage being done to Kristina) theft charges for withdrawing $11k from Bobbi Kristina’s account during this time she lay comatose.


With attorney Randy Kessler already on board since day 1, considering all charges on the shelf awaiting Gordon being the case, he reached to assemble a high power team of council to help him fight-and all are considered “specialists” now—and perfectly yoked, positioned, and aligned to match Gordon’s “plight.”



Check this out:

Starting with Jose Baez—Jose Baez is the attorney who won the acquittal for Casey Anthony in the 2011 murder trial of her daughter and since then, has had a sleuth of high-profile clients like “King of Instagram” client Dan Bilzerian and Gary Giordano (who was cleared in the disappearance of his girlfriend in Aruba).11406480_499732920181947_7881792635638554399_o

Also in on behalf of Gordon is Joe Habachy and TJ Ward (Ward is the investigator who worked the Natalee Holloway disappearance case where Dutchman Joran van der Sloot was accused and found guilty of her murder despite her remains never have been found even to date).

“We do know that other individuals were present at the time when the emergency personnel were brought in. TJ will be trying to establish who was present and what their role was,” says Eli Benton to our friends a People.


Although it’s reported that the hospice care move for Bobbi Kristina was a last ditch effort and final place to rest/resting place while she hangs on and fights for her life, her aunt Pat Houston (who is married to Whitney Houston’s brother Gary and too, serves as a legal joint-guardian along with Bobby’s sister Tina), in an effort to help her before a final decision on hospice was made, Pat Houston did have her body flown to Chicago to see specialists to there-to see what, if anything at this stage could be done for her Bobbi Kristina so that Bobby too, would know that every resource available is being made to treat his baby girl.


Unfortunately to no avail, her body was flown back to hospice care in Atlanta, where the family was seen outside the facility tearfully embracing one another.



Pat released the following statement last Wednesday upon Bobbi Kristina’s admission to hospice:

Despite the great medical care at numerous facilities, her condition has continued to deteriorate. We thank everyone for their support and prayers. She is in God’s hands now.”


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