NICK CANNON: In White Face & Tryst Lists w/Whom He’s Sucked Face

Nick Cannon, 33, star of America’s got talent, was in the news this week giving up all kinds of face: white Face, and with whom he sucked faced.

Not that he’s trying to compete with Lyndsay Lohan’s tryst list (that we wrote up about), but like her, he had no problem dropping a few names on the lines of the list of women who’ve swung from his vine (but only after he first offended many when he appeared in white face).

BjeeO41CYAEMQcU In character as a small named “Connor Smallnut,” Cannon is preparing a musical project-an upcoming album called “White People Party Music.” It is supposed to be a parody album with songs sang by [Nick in character as Cannon Smallnut].

BjeE3HSIgAAACWc  According to reports, via social media under which the photos of “Cannon” were posted; Nick has received some pretty harsh blacklash backlash, but I’m guessing it’s all good for publicity eh?

Interestingly however, he hasn’t received any backlash after running off his tryst list while doing a radio interview with Big Boi of Power 106 where too, he admitting to losing his virginity at age 13 and describing it as a traumatic experience.

Things changed when he got older obviously and when asked to name about 5 notches under his belt, he felt much better about his experiences with industry dames such as:

article-2591025-1C9FE79A00000578-532_634x784 Former Pussycat Doll Nicole Scherzinger

th (2)  singer Christina Milian (whom he describes as “a person I know”),

Selita-Ebanks-and-Nick-Cannon-21 fashion model Selita Ebanks,

th (1)  Kanye’s Kim Kardashian (where, when recollecting he says: “Oh! And Kim Kardashian!”).

th (3) And last but not least, with whom he is married with children: Mariah Carey-although obviously she got the honorable mentions, not even she wasn’t omitted from being mentioned on the tryst list among the talk of the boys as Cannon shot off.

Well, don’t let me spoil it for you, have a look:






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