NFL Settles Suit With Rapper M.I.A For Flipping the Bird During 2012 SUPER BOWL HALF TIME Show With MADONNA


Soooo the NFL is just all over the place cracking down on things and collecting their duckets huh?

Although Justin Timberlake is free from the scarlet letter, and Jan will never ever ever ever again be invited to participate in the festivities (ever again) since then, the NFL started putting a close eye on things during one of its coveted spots one night a year: Super Bowl Half-Time.

???????????????????Well if you remember-since Nipplegate-Fingergate happened in 2012 when Sri Lankan rapper M.I.A flipped the bird during she and Madonna’s performance (LMFAO and Nicki Minaj also performed with her).

Well that didn’t sit too well with the higher ups of the NFL and according to our sources, they took action against the American Arbitration Association for breach of contract and M.I.A’s bird-flipping “tarnishing the league’s reputation.” As a result, they asked for a cool $1.5 million dollars in damages for their…pain and suffering in having to endure this embarrassment to the leagues squeaky-clean choir-boy like image.

Howard E. King, M.I.A’s attorney, stated that his client and the league have reached a confidential settlement-now, some two years later, ending a multi-million dollar dispute.

In case you haven’t read our write-up already, the NFL is also considering having artists pay to perform at Super Bowl Half-Time however, the monetary compensation they received on behalf of this lawsuit against M.I.A and the American Arbitration Association will…”go to charity.”


Man…these “charities” just oughta be…ballin’ hard, man.



Soooo does this mean that if some NFL player is caught in some public scandal that somehow tarnished our image of them-we can sue the league on behalf of the American Arbitration Association?

You choir-boy son’sers had better be on your P’s and Q’s now that we have the name to double-tap for the arbitrator and liaison between the league and the fans/viewers…you know…in case of any indecency that hits the news involving the NFL for: tarnishing of image of the league for us fans.


At any rate.

If you don’t know who M.I.A is, you may remember her from her singing the hook on “Swagger Like Us” by Kanye West, T.I, Lil’ Wayne and Jay Z

As well, you may remember seeing a lil’ ole pregnant girl jumping around the stage at the 2009 Grammy Awards singing that hook.

That was M.I.A.

Well. M.I.A’s big legal situation with the NFL is officially: O.V.A.


Nicki Minaj

LMFAO “I’m Sexy And I Know It”

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