Newly Single ENRIQUE IGLESIAS Lets It All Hang Out

Move over all you hunky, hung, dudes that are uninhibited and quick to pump your prowess and source of well-endowment. Enrique Iglesias’ uninhibitedness just liberated he and your competition.

th (9) The typically mysterious, private, and reclusive gorgeous Spanish-America croonerth (4) let it all hang out in a personal meet and greet with his fans in Miami recently. During a Q & A session, moderated by Billboard Magazine’s Leila Cobb, Iglesias was anything but withdrawn (no pun intended).

th   th (3)      th (2)   th (6)   th (1)  th (5)   Newly single after a 12-year relationship with tennis pro Anna Kournikova, th (11) Iglesias is still in good spirits and remaining positive.

A question was proposed to him-asking what it is he likes to do in his free time and he responded: “I go skinny-dipping if there are no paparazzi around.”

When Cobo asked where he goes to swim [naked], Iglesias replied candidly: “I’m not going to tell you because it would ruin my career. There’s not a lot to show off.”

…Well, that’s an honest admission-something you won’t hear too many men publicly admit however, he threw us a curve ball with his next reply (after being asked what his worst defect was).

He shot: “My worst defect is from my waist down. I’m sorry, no, that’s not my worst defect . . . but it is a little curved.”

Talk about handing out a  ‘little’  too much!

Sorry honeys, at least he’s honest. The newly single Iglesias is letting us all know up front that if you’re looking for somebody to rip you one, hang a left already-and settle for a serenade.

th (10)    th (8)  Regardless, he’s been pretty upbeat since the breakup and thus far; has had quite a successful holiday season. Just this past December, he performed his latest single: “Heart Attack” on the popular show ‘The X-Factor,” and sang alongside Miley Cyrus, Macklemore, Pitbull, and other stars at the 2013 Jingle Ball.

Additionally, he rang in the New Year onstage in Times Square. On December 28, Enrique released the teaser for his latest music video: “El Perdedor.”

th (7)  Here, we’ll let you have a….peek:

Eye Spied Huffington Post via April Sperry

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