Move Over LUPITA and “Aunt Viv” (JANET HUBERT) – RHOA’s KENYA MOORE Is Coming to Scripted Television


Who says a little sunshine can’t be made of shade?



Turns out, that bit of shade that award-winning actress Lupita Nyong’o threw on Kenya Moore one fine Oscar day served Kenya right good—it inspired her in a way: She now has her own unscripted television show [that she hopes will be picked up by a network].

If you remember, we reported to you that although Kenya may have been decked out in a pretty red dress (as was Lupita), walked on the red carpet (as did Lupita),


…as per Kenya’s tweet out to the world; Lupita shaded her: hard.


Well, having been friends with a New York actress myself-a friend whose landed some A and B movies and is still pretty much considered a C and D list actress (by comparison to the Lupita’s and Kerry’s), any working or non-working actress (whose really serious about the craft-first, then the glitz-second and fighting for roles in the business) doesn’t take too kindly to synthetic “actresses”-constructed, tailor-made and built by networks thanks to unscripted television (reality show mavens-for various reasons). Just read Aunt Viv (Janet Hubert)’s post here and you can get the gist:

At any rate, according to Kenya (who was quite hurt by Lupita’s shade I might add), Lupita [in her own delicate, way—without exactly saying these words] let Kenya know that she was not on her level simply because she walked the same red carpet [when Kenya approached her for pictures for Instagram cred and proof of association by/of the same level in the game].

Although Kenya got shaded, hey…she lived and—“twirl”d on.


Having said that, eat your heart out Lupita.

Kenya’s on your skirt tail. She’s moving on up from unscripted television (RHOA) and setting her sights on scripted tv with her “Life Twirl’s On” pilot.

According to sources, the pilot was recently shot during one of the latest RHOA segments that too, will include Cynthia Bailey. Kenya is hoping that a major network will pick it up.



Does she stand a chance y’all?


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